Tuesday, November 11, 2008

pale young gentlemen? yes please.

Oooh! alrighty- so i'm not working today for veterans day and so i have some time to load up some pics! :)
sunday, i went with robby to see a band named pale young gentlemen at the knitting factory in hollywood- they were soOOoO good! i really wanted to move up to the front of the stage, but i'm a bit of a shy bunny, so i was a bit firghtened to move up on my own to dance-- so i jsut danced where i was standing. i also didn't want to get in the way of any people trying to take pics.
they were so spectacular though! i was glad that they stopped by in la for a show- the lead singer mike is a good friend of robbys from high school- so it turned out that the whole band camped out in our living room! ahehehhe, our first "official" houseguests! :) other than playing great live tunes, they're all super nice! :)
the next morning, robby woke up bright and early to pick up some portos for breakfast. i helped him in and we set out the food, little by little, one by one... everyone started waking up and all wandered slowly thru the dim living room and stumbled towards the kitchen... the smell of portos is always super spiff in the morning! so- our first houseguests got a tasty little breakfast from our favorite cuban bakery...and they all seemed to really enjoy the tasty treats- yay!
i got a shirt (which are all printed on AA brand soft shirts) and some stickers, the stickers were doodled by the lead singer, they're really cute, of little swan-like birdies... i forgot to take pics of them, some "blogger" i am! well- all in all, i have to say, if you get a chance to see them... DO IT! you should check out their website:
if you can't make it to the show, you can also buy their new cd and merch off the site. now everyone should go and get some new tunes by pale young gentlemen! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

poppy cat studios to the rescue!

here is my latest little purchase... a cute necklace charm and a MORE than cute pinset on a postcard. the postcard reads, "In a field of many flowers, you're the one i pick" the pendant above was one of my faves on her site as well. it's of two lovers kissing, made form a painting she she herself painted.
i bought this on etsy from a little fairy of a lady who has the cutest drawings / paintings / crafts. i was just reading her blog and i have to admit, there is something very magical about this little fairy. she lives in the mountains and is a mama to a little sprite of her own. it seems (thru her blog at least) that she spends time working at hre sons school with an art program that she has created and she seems to like to take nature piccies. flowers, scenery...she likes yosemite. this is all i know of the little fairy who signs her paintings "saffron".
her paintings are seomwhat child-like and have a unique style to them. it reminds me of illustrations you might see in the la weekly or in womans magazines, there to illustrate a sassy little tart or a weeping heart-broken young miss... (bottom pin to the right). she also has a really cute painting of a froggy seranading a very demure looking lady mouse. :) i want to buy a print of this next. her prices are super reasonable and she sent along a free magnet of a cowboy doggy. :) i forgot to take apic of it, as it's already on my fridge and was away from my other main goodies that i had chosen.
i thikn if you cath this bloggy, you should go check out her shop:
i've actually written to her 'cos i want her to make two paintings for me. i want two portraits of my cutie and i in her style of painitng. she said if i sent her shots of us in different face angles that she would be able to do it. i showed my fiance her site and he thought it would be really cute to have those paintings in our new apartment. i can't WAIT! now all iahve to do is get crackin' and take some shots of us to send her.
i'm currently a smitten kitten with everything saffron / poppy cat! check her site out, i doubt you'll regret it! i want more!!! :)