Monday, December 28, 2009

also while i was out...

ok. not sure how this will show up once it's written- but i'm tired of fiddling! i did some doodles while on vaycay. not too many

- but the 2 that i did do i rather liked. the 2 blue pen scribbles were one on christmas eve while my cutie was still at work. that day and when i went on my bike ride- i saw all these little baby whirlies sweeping around. so i drew little leaves spinning around. the man on the right is a quick scratchy doodle of scott walker.i tried not taking the pen off the paper as i drew. i saw his documentary and i must say- i now want to buy more of his music. i have only 1 cd that i really like. i originally bought it cos i knew that el jarvo was a huge fan- so, naturally, i was a curious little bunny to see what jarv was raving about- so i bought a cd of his about 5 years ago and i really liked it. his voice is quite tasty and he was quite a handsome man in his younger days. grrrr! :)

not sure if i ever posted the bottom two. those were drawn a while back ago. they are of my new husband, cutie robby. today i begged him to take his pants off so i can take a few pics of him in his underwear- he's shy. he laughed and refused. he said i wanted to draw dirty pics- but not so! not dirty- just real life. :) i have to take pics of him to draw him or catch him while he's sleeping (as i did for the pics above.) little cutie has no interest in me drawing him and is a bit-ehm.. not so patient to actually sit for me. after much begging, he still refused, but gave me some snuggles instead. cutie-- one day i'm gonna get you to pose until my little hearts content- then you can be calm for a few months until i need more pics.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

seahorsies galore...

ok. here are some of the piccies that we took while at the aquarium. :) i'm a bit of a dink- so when this posts- teh pics will probably be all wacky and the text will be all out of order- eh! so be it. :) these are teh cute little seahorsies that i saw and i also put one of the jellyfish. as we were leaving the building- tehre arethes cute little seaotters. one of htem liked me and kept swimming towards me and spinning. i thikn he was showing off- but cute none the less. :) tmrw i have to go abck into work- bah! boOoOOo! after not working for six days- it makes going back so much harder! and knowing that cutie will be off for this entire week is also the pits... the jealousy is simply eating me up inside! ooOoOh! lucky him!
this weekend we did quite a bit. i felt somewhat kind of christmas limbo for a while and was sad to realize that today was my last day before work. we went and used soem of the gift cards we got- thanks ingrid, nate, sherry & bill and pops! :) and also to cutie for going with me to exchange a jacket that he bought me... sleeves were a little too long- so i found a jacket that had sleeves juuust my size. :) was about to buy soem really cute floral oxfords- but decided to save the dough. after having bought little baby comp- i think i should def save my pennies. i'm excited to save pennies this year. it wil be fun to watch our little house fund grow. :) little by little- slowly but surely. :) then- in a few years, cutie and i can buy a little home of our very own! :) exciting- que no??? si! :) toodles for now! looking forward to the new year! :) xoxo

Saturday, December 26, 2009

xmas weekend festivites...

here are the little candy sishes that i hand painted for my co-workers! started in mid november and was painting until the last day before my vacation. tehy were actually little candle holders that i bought at ikea- but thought to paint them and pass them out filled with candy for christmas. peeps at work say that we should "make" our gifts. some people go all out- people have hand made little pillow people for a division. now thats commitment! although, i thikn my little handpainted trays was quite the commitment as well. i gigured people can keep them in the office and keep random little things in there- paperclips, tacs, whateva.

christmas was faboo. we had it at my moms house and ate, giggled and opened presents! :) we had my cousin tanny and her husband- so that was nice. i got a really cute little seah

orse charm bracellet from my cutie, some giftcards, some cecil beaton memoirs (also from teh cutie) a salvador dali book, an aweseom home recipe book from robby's family that is complete with separate sections. it's really nice to have seom of robbys fave recipes from when he was growing up. :) i also got a really cute houndstooth black and white coat and some other fun goodies! :) i also got a really aweseome xmas bonus so i was able to buy myself a little baby laptop! cutie set it up so i can get wireless abd hopefully with my new little baby laptop- i'll be able to keep up with the bloggy a bit better...hopefully? :)
wen to the long beach aquarium today with my cutie- i touched the stingrays- eeeeeeeew! :) tehy were really soft. teh real big ones were a little scratchy feeling. the star fish felt boney. i liked the sea horsies and teh jellyfish the most. teh jellyfish are jsut so amazing i think- soemthing that should be jsut floating up in space or seomthing! the sea horsies- well- they' are jsut such cute little mystical little creatures! they look completely out of this world- as though they belong in fairytales. i'll post piccies of those up maybe tmrw. :) ciao for now! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

our thank you cards! :)

yay! they're here! :) my sissy painted this fabulous little pinting for us- which we've printed up as our thank you cards. it's us on a full moon night bike ride. :) a full moon was actually present on our wedding night so it's kind of perfect and i love that the little bouquet of flowers are actually made up of little hearts. :) my fabulous sister Ingrid Moira Bermeo painted this- NO ONE use this image without permission... or you'll certainly be sued... or something... now we just need to print up some pics of us to put in the thank you cards and we can hopefully get these out before the new year! ... and THEN we will be done with all this wedding biz... phew! :)

a special thanks to my sissy again who has said these original paintings were supposed to be our wedding gifts... ehm.. hint- hint... me wants so we can hang them up!!! :) xoxo

Friday, December 4, 2009


ok- so this i sketche dout literally in about a minute. it wa sa couple at the kooza show i saw last ngiht- i want to draw them properly in color- but i jsut had to get a quick sketch out before i fotgot htem. they were so adorable i htought and the theme of that particular set was "amore" :) she wore a red heart on her chest and he had a flower stuck to his bare chest over his heart. tehy both wore dizzy striep- completey appropriate for hte circus.. but is ecretly wondered if i would be able to wear her outfit... :) she was so tiny and petite- jsut like a little windup doll. he was on a unicycle and picked her up from the ground while stil in teh uni! he would tiwl her around while riding and at one point- she even stood on his head while he concentrated and peddled his way around the stage. i was in awe with my muoth open and my eyes glittering with amazment. coviner my mouth when i was afraid for them when he manuvered her around his shoulders and his waist liek she was a little rag doll. the show was amazing and i want to do soem more quick sketeches. the problem wiht me is i feel that when i draw- ia hve to draw everyhtign at once. i don't like takign days- but since i rarely have the time to finsih a whoel drawign all at once- i get stck with a book of quick sketches so i don't foget but no final product! argh! this is my problem.. and prefering snuggles on a couch than beign alone at a cold desk... that saturday i will draw. sunday- i will do to disneyland. :)