Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my paint brush had dried up until...

...  i had to finish my painting for the eastside luv art show, thirsty canvas- eeek! i've officially worked on my painting 2 days- the first day i drew and i painted the first picture about 4 hours- the second day was this morning- i painted for about 30 minutes. i have to turn in my painting on saturday- so i better finish this up by then! the actual show is on dec 2 at eastside luv in boyle heights (los angeles). the theme of the show is the glorious classic drink that everyone has drank (and been drunk on) for 1000's of years... vino! well- vino, cocktails, etc.

i decided to paint a girl kind of just being lazy with a glass of wine. she has it proped up on her shoulder, just taking sips as she pleases. i haven't painted in the couch yet, but i think it looks a bit boring right now- so i'm going ot add some texture in the couch- maybe like a little floral print and i have to do more detail on the hair. i want to take up some paint on the jawline area- and i have to finsih the eyes and mouth of course, i don't know- what do you think?  aaaaand i also want to make the background a more rich red... like vino. :)

sorry that i hadn't posted sooner- i'm a bit of a wreck when it comes to posting- arent' i? well- i think i'm going to start a new blog with sewing projects- soon to be a wholel ot more in this coming year- as i'm making myself use all my stash fabric.. y punto! this blog will remain for my field trips, drawing, random pics and my daily babbling. :) i hope to start my new bloggy in mid/late december and focus on patterns and of course- sewing fabulous little frocks for me to wear... and once i get my sewing confidence- perhaps even make some stuff for friends, family, strangers, etc. :)

hope everyone is doing fabulous! :)