Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer rain, me loves...

its raining, it's pouring, the little munchk is snoring...

i love summer rain, even better, summer night rain! the windows and doors are open with a nice breeze and the sound of rain drops are filling my ears. i'm not a person for the heat. the blasted sun is not my friend. maybe it' sbecause i think shorts can look a bit cheesy, maybe it's because i think i look strange with a tan, maybe it's because my hair gets all a frizz.... i'm sureic an think of a hundred other reasons, but lets jsut stop there.

Munchky is fast asleep and so i hopped on the compy. it' shard during the day to get anythign done really. little munchky is a handful, as she shoudl be, little one is not even four months old yet. babies need love and snuggles... and my munchk makes sure to remind me of the snuggle bit!

i sold a dress on etsy yesterday, yay! packages. it was only my third sale, but, eh! i'm determined to keep the shop up to date this time. the last time i had it open, i had 6 items up. two sold and then i never renewed the other items. now they are back up for sale. this may sound lame, but i like decorating the packages i send out. i used to have quite a few pen friends and i just loved decorating the envelopes- i thought it was the funnest part of writing a letter! :) did you guys ever keep a pen friend?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kindergarten Memories <3

While on the compy, I decided to have a little snacky-wack. None were found. I opened the cabinet to find a roll of ritz crackers and peanut butter... Ooooh! The memories this brought back! :) i still get a little giddy when i see that we have this snack combo at home... all due to Miss Rothenberg.

Happy Tuesday Everyone! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vegas in a Day

had a VERY busy weekend! a very unexpected weekend, but i'm so glad it happened! :) so, i called my nanny (not my grandmama) for her birthday. she was a live in housekeeper / babysitter and she helped raise me from birth. she is a big part of our family, since i never got to know my grandmother, she was kind of like a grandmother figure to me. we even called her "mama". needless to say, she holds a very special place in my heart. when i was about 16 or so, she moved to Vegas to be a little closer to some family she had. 

on friday i called her for her birthday and somehow... the next day, i had rallied two of my sissies to accompany me and the Munchk to drive to Vegas... on 4th of July weekend! ACK! i totally forgot about the holiday and to avoid any crazy holiday back to LA traffic, we drove to vegas and back in a day. all to visit my nanny for her birthday. it was a crazy busy and hot day (106 degrees!!) but it was SO worth it! we were all glad that we went. here are some weekend instas :)

Mama Belia and my Munchky :)

 Keebler Pia & Munchky Hazy, cousins at play! :)

Munchky found a new friend! Hazy will SO be Snow White for Halloween... for a few years... until she gets sick of it and refuses! :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Everyone!!! :D

Happy 4th of July everyone! Did anyone do any fun Americano type things today? Beach and BBQ? Beer and fireworks?

It was so nice that Cutie had off work today, I kept thinking it was the weekend, but what's even better is that the real weekend is coming! YaY! :) i can't wait! I know, I know, I'm on maternity leave... I'm not working. What do I care if the weekend comes about, right? Well... I just like having my Cutie around is all. :) I like waking up and knowing he won't be leaving to work at 8 o'clock. I like knowing that I'll be fixing him breakfast and he won't be in a rush to eat. I like him around... And THAT is why I can't wait for the weekend. :)

Last weekend we went with Munchky to Fig in Santa Monica. it was totally yummy, although I think my BLT was a little too fancy for me, but tasty none the less. Service was awesome and the dessert even better. :)

Here are some pics that we took. I'm writing this from my phone and am not sure how to organize the pics quite yet... But I'll get there... Eventually. Hopefully. :)

Well, hope everyone had a happy 4th, besides little Munchky being a bit of a crabapple in the morning, I think she had a good first 4th of July. I can't wait until we can take her to Disneyland for fireworks! :)