Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer rain, me loves...

its raining, it's pouring, the little munchk is snoring...

i love summer rain, even better, summer night rain! the windows and doors are open with a nice breeze and the sound of rain drops are filling my ears. i'm not a person for the heat. the blasted sun is not my friend. maybe it' sbecause i think shorts can look a bit cheesy, maybe it's because i think i look strange with a tan, maybe it's because my hair gets all a frizz.... i'm sureic an think of a hundred other reasons, but lets jsut stop there.

Munchky is fast asleep and so i hopped on the compy. it' shard during the day to get anythign done really. little munchky is a handful, as she shoudl be, little one is not even four months old yet. babies need love and snuggles... and my munchk makes sure to remind me of the snuggle bit!

i sold a dress on etsy yesterday, yay! packages. it was only my third sale, but, eh! i'm determined to keep the shop up to date this time. the last time i had it open, i had 6 items up. two sold and then i never renewed the other items. now they are back up for sale. this may sound lame, but i like decorating the packages i send out. i used to have quite a few pen friends and i just loved decorating the envelopes- i thought it was the funnest part of writing a letter! :) did you guys ever keep a pen friend?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kindergarten Memories <3

While on the compy, I decided to have a little snacky-wack. None were found. I opened the cabinet to find a roll of ritz crackers and peanut butter... Ooooh! The memories this brought back! :) i still get a little giddy when i see that we have this snack combo at home... all due to Miss Rothenberg.

Happy Tuesday Everyone! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vegas in a Day

had a VERY busy weekend! a very unexpected weekend, but i'm so glad it happened! :) so, i called my nanny (not my grandmama) for her birthday. she was a live in housekeeper / babysitter and she helped raise me from birth. she is a big part of our family, since i never got to know my grandmother, she was kind of like a grandmother figure to me. we even called her "mama". needless to say, she holds a very special place in my heart. when i was about 16 or so, she moved to Vegas to be a little closer to some family she had. 

on friday i called her for her birthday and somehow... the next day, i had rallied two of my sissies to accompany me and the Munchk to drive to Vegas... on 4th of July weekend! ACK! i totally forgot about the holiday and to avoid any crazy holiday back to LA traffic, we drove to vegas and back in a day. all to visit my nanny for her birthday. it was a crazy busy and hot day (106 degrees!!) but it was SO worth it! we were all glad that we went. here are some weekend instas :)

Mama Belia and my Munchky :)

 Keebler Pia & Munchky Hazy, cousins at play! :)

Munchky found a new friend! Hazy will SO be Snow White for Halloween... for a few years... until she gets sick of it and refuses! :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Everyone!!! :D

Happy 4th of July everyone! Did anyone do any fun Americano type things today? Beach and BBQ? Beer and fireworks?

It was so nice that Cutie had off work today, I kept thinking it was the weekend, but what's even better is that the real weekend is coming! YaY! :) i can't wait! I know, I know, I'm on maternity leave... I'm not working. What do I care if the weekend comes about, right? Well... I just like having my Cutie around is all. :) I like waking up and knowing he won't be leaving to work at 8 o'clock. I like knowing that I'll be fixing him breakfast and he won't be in a rush to eat. I like him around... And THAT is why I can't wait for the weekend. :)

Last weekend we went with Munchky to Fig in Santa Monica. it was totally yummy, although I think my BLT was a little too fancy for me, but tasty none the less. Service was awesome and the dessert even better. :)

Here are some pics that we took. I'm writing this from my phone and am not sure how to organize the pics quite yet... But I'll get there... Eventually. Hopefully. :)

Well, hope everyone had a happy 4th, besides little Munchky being a bit of a crabapple in the morning, I think she had a good first 4th of July. I can't wait until we can take her to Disneyland for fireworks! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day and walks...

What a kooky but great week it's been! kooky 'cos I've been busy but great because, well... Just because I suppose. :) on Sunday it was Father's Day and that means my Cutie got to celebrate his first holiday as a proud papa! yay! :)

Now that little Munchk is a little older , my mama is helping out a bit more a few days a week so I can work on some projects that I've completely neglected while the, you know, whole pregnancy thing and being a new mom and all. :D I was supposed to go back to work at the end of the month but am now extending it until the end of August- if my job approves it (fingers crossed!). I'm feeling very optimistic and motivated at the moment and really want to finish up some stuff. Said "stuff" will hopefully be revealed by the end of the week or mid next week. So much to do and so little time!!!

here are some pics below of my Cutie and I celebrating as well as some shots that I took while taking a walk with the baby Munchk. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No time, no time, no time aaaand no time.

Wow, ok, since having our little Munchkin- it just seems as if I don't have time for diddly squat. The only thing I do have time for is booby feeding, burping munchky, playing with munchky, mmmm, basically it seems like I only have time for munchky related things.

The one thing I definitely love doing with my munchky is taking pictures of her- I swear I think I take about 50 pictures a day! I can't help it, I think she's just so darn adorable! :) and yeah, I know every mom thinks their kids the cutest... But well, I think she's pretty darn cute! Hehehe.. But like I said, I think might be a little biased. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the womanly art of breastfeeding...

OK, so, here i am in Mommy Land! our little munchkin came out of my cookie and and into the world on March 22! :) so introducing our little munchkin, Baby Hazel! :)

these are the many faces and phases of breastfeeding. 
alert. eyes on the prize. giggles and a happy full tummy. thinking about her full tummy. and last but not least- milk coma. 

i know, i know, those who have ever breastfed before are probably thinking, "HA! where are the screaming-crying pics?" well, when little Hazel is crying and having a fit, i'm trying my hardest to get her to not cry and scream and my hands are full and i'm unable to snap a picture of her in this phase. but TRUST ME, i've experienced that face and phase, all too many times. 

 the title of this post is seriously, no joke- breastfeeding is an art and an art i have yet to master. but with the help of the the said book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, a La Leche League meeting and a meeting with a fabulous lactation educator... both Hazel and I are slowly starting to get the hang of it. as frustrating as breastfeeding can be, it's also very rewarding. after she has a full tummy, she looks at me and gives a little lazy smile and then knocks out in my arms, she's just such a little doll. :) 

sometimes i wonder if she knows that i'm her mommy or if i'm just the girl who gives her magical milk boobies for her food. i know she's only two weeks, but i wish i can know what she was thinking. i love holding her and giving her little kisses and seeing her smile. she'll be bigger before i know it and then i'll be sad and be wishing that she was a little newborn again. le' sigh. 

hope everyone is doing well, does anyone else have a new little munchkin? :)