Sunday, April 12, 2009

a man and his guitar

here is a man that i had wanted to draw for a while. on my ride home from work, i was at a red light and saw him sitting peacefully playing his guitar at a bus-stop. at first i thought he was homeless, but now that i drew him, i don't believe he was. i liked how calm he looked. while i was waiting for my green arrow, he looked over at me and just kept gently stroking and picking at the strings. we looked at eachother for about 2 seconds and then he turned back around, wrinkling his eybrows as one does when they are trying to overcome something they find difficult. it looked to me that he was concentrating more on what he was playing, rather than when his bus would arrive. he wasn't playing loud or obnoxiously, he was just playing quitelty to himself. either people were afriad to sit next to him or he sat a bit further from anyone as to not to disturb the rest of the people waiting. i like to think to thikn the latter. perhaps he was just a wanderer living in his own little world while trying to get somewhere.
during a lunch break, i had actually quickly sketched him out, but it was rushed- and i didn't much like how i had drawn his eyes. since i don't like using eraser- i decided to start over again. i didn't feel that the first sketch did him any justice. i'm rather glad that i did. i like drawing in color but always forget and start in pencil or charcoal. this time though, i went to my bedroom and just grabbed the only pencil that around me, which was a prismacolor in "burnt ochre". i did the whole thing in about an hour and half. i added a second color, a darker brown "dark umber" pencil this morning and have now declared the drawing finished! to the man and his guitar- he'll never see this, but he is now a part of my sketch book and if i ever see him again at the bus-stop, i'll make it a point to park my car and let him see. :)
happy easter everyone!