Monday, December 28, 2009

also while i was out...

ok. not sure how this will show up once it's written- but i'm tired of fiddling! i did some doodles while on vaycay. not too many

- but the 2 that i did do i rather liked. the 2 blue pen scribbles were one on christmas eve while my cutie was still at work. that day and when i went on my bike ride- i saw all these little baby whirlies sweeping around. so i drew little leaves spinning around. the man on the right is a quick scratchy doodle of scott walker.i tried not taking the pen off the paper as i drew. i saw his documentary and i must say- i now want to buy more of his music. i have only 1 cd that i really like. i originally bought it cos i knew that el jarvo was a huge fan- so, naturally, i was a curious little bunny to see what jarv was raving about- so i bought a cd of his about 5 years ago and i really liked it. his voice is quite tasty and he was quite a handsome man in his younger days. grrrr! :)

not sure if i ever posted the bottom two. those were drawn a while back ago. they are of my new husband, cutie robby. today i begged him to take his pants off so i can take a few pics of him in his underwear- he's shy. he laughed and refused. he said i wanted to draw dirty pics- but not so! not dirty- just real life. :) i have to take pics of him to draw him or catch him while he's sleeping (as i did for the pics above.) little cutie has no interest in me drawing him and is a bit-ehm.. not so patient to actually sit for me. after much begging, he still refused, but gave me some snuggles instead. cutie-- one day i'm gonna get you to pose until my little hearts content- then you can be calm for a few months until i need more pics.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

seahorsies galore...

ok. here are some of the piccies that we took while at the aquarium. :) i'm a bit of a dink- so when this posts- teh pics will probably be all wacky and the text will be all out of order- eh! so be it. :) these are teh cute little seahorsies that i saw and i also put one of the jellyfish. as we were leaving the building- tehre arethes cute little seaotters. one of htem liked me and kept swimming towards me and spinning. i thikn he was showing off- but cute none the less. :) tmrw i have to go abck into work- bah! boOoOOo! after not working for six days- it makes going back so much harder! and knowing that cutie will be off for this entire week is also the pits... the jealousy is simply eating me up inside! ooOoOh! lucky him!
this weekend we did quite a bit. i felt somewhat kind of christmas limbo for a while and was sad to realize that today was my last day before work. we went and used soem of the gift cards we got- thanks ingrid, nate, sherry & bill and pops! :) and also to cutie for going with me to exchange a jacket that he bought me... sleeves were a little too long- so i found a jacket that had sleeves juuust my size. :) was about to buy soem really cute floral oxfords- but decided to save the dough. after having bought little baby comp- i think i should def save my pennies. i'm excited to save pennies this year. it wil be fun to watch our little house fund grow. :) little by little- slowly but surely. :) then- in a few years, cutie and i can buy a little home of our very own! :) exciting- que no??? si! :) toodles for now! looking forward to the new year! :) xoxo

Saturday, December 26, 2009

xmas weekend festivites...

here are the little candy sishes that i hand painted for my co-workers! started in mid november and was painting until the last day before my vacation. tehy were actually little candle holders that i bought at ikea- but thought to paint them and pass them out filled with candy for christmas. peeps at work say that we should "make" our gifts. some people go all out- people have hand made little pillow people for a division. now thats commitment! although, i thikn my little handpainted trays was quite the commitment as well. i gigured people can keep them in the office and keep random little things in there- paperclips, tacs, whateva.

christmas was faboo. we had it at my moms house and ate, giggled and opened presents! :) we had my cousin tanny and her husband- so that was nice. i got a really cute little seah

orse charm bracellet from my cutie, some giftcards, some cecil beaton memoirs (also from teh cutie) a salvador dali book, an aweseom home recipe book from robby's family that is complete with separate sections. it's really nice to have seom of robbys fave recipes from when he was growing up. :) i also got a really cute houndstooth black and white coat and some other fun goodies! :) i also got a really aweseome xmas bonus so i was able to buy myself a little baby laptop! cutie set it up so i can get wireless abd hopefully with my new little baby laptop- i'll be able to keep up with the bloggy a bit better...hopefully? :)
wen to the long beach aquarium today with my cutie- i touched the stingrays- eeeeeeeew! :) tehy were really soft. teh real big ones were a little scratchy feeling. the star fish felt boney. i liked the sea horsies and teh jellyfish the most. teh jellyfish are jsut so amazing i think- soemthing that should be jsut floating up in space or seomthing! the sea horsies- well- they' are jsut such cute little mystical little creatures! they look completely out of this world- as though they belong in fairytales. i'll post piccies of those up maybe tmrw. :) ciao for now! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

our thank you cards! :)

yay! they're here! :) my sissy painted this fabulous little pinting for us- which we've printed up as our thank you cards. it's us on a full moon night bike ride. :) a full moon was actually present on our wedding night so it's kind of perfect and i love that the little bouquet of flowers are actually made up of little hearts. :) my fabulous sister Ingrid Moira Bermeo painted this- NO ONE use this image without permission... or you'll certainly be sued... or something... now we just need to print up some pics of us to put in the thank you cards and we can hopefully get these out before the new year! ... and THEN we will be done with all this wedding biz... phew! :)

a special thanks to my sissy again who has said these original paintings were supposed to be our wedding gifts... ehm.. hint- hint... me wants so we can hang them up!!! :) xoxo

Friday, December 4, 2009


ok- so this i sketche dout literally in about a minute. it wa sa couple at the kooza show i saw last ngiht- i want to draw them properly in color- but i jsut had to get a quick sketch out before i fotgot htem. they were so adorable i htought and the theme of that particular set was "amore" :) she wore a red heart on her chest and he had a flower stuck to his bare chest over his heart. tehy both wore dizzy striep- completey appropriate for hte circus.. but is ecretly wondered if i would be able to wear her outfit... :) she was so tiny and petite- jsut like a little windup doll. he was on a unicycle and picked her up from the ground while stil in teh uni! he would tiwl her around while riding and at one point- she even stood on his head while he concentrated and peddled his way around the stage. i was in awe with my muoth open and my eyes glittering with amazment. coviner my mouth when i was afraid for them when he manuvered her around his shoulders and his waist liek she was a little rag doll. the show was amazing and i want to do soem more quick sketeches. the problem wiht me is i feel that when i draw- ia hve to draw everyhtign at once. i don't like takign days- but since i rarely have the time to finsih a whoel drawign all at once- i get stck with a book of quick sketches so i don't foget but no final product! argh! this is my problem.. and prefering snuggles on a couch than beign alone at a cold desk... that saturday i will draw. sunday- i will do to disneyland. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009


hello all! :) ok, this weekend i was a productive little unny= not quite as productive as i would've wanted to be, but prodcutive enough. :) saturday- i was all set to getta' workin'...then igot a phonecall from my cute little godson andhe wanted me to come over to make seom puppets with him. he said he was lonely and bored. his brother was a t afriends house, his mama nt work.. adn well... a day going to cosco withthe grandparents isn't really exciting (aside from the free munchies). :) so how could i say no to that!!! i went ove rto my my moms and picked him up and we drove over to a craft store to buy the supllies. while we were looking, a little old lady came to the aisle with her big cart- i moved my boy to teh side and went flat up against the shelves so she can pass by.. she came up slowly towards me and looked at me. i dind' tknow what to do (i was on the phone with my sissy igs) so i smiled at her. she remained looking at me adn then sloOooOwly took her hand fmor her pocket... she had a crumble dpiece of paper and held it out to me... i wan's tsure what she wanted, i looked at the piece of paper and she motioned fo rme to take it. i looked down and it was a coupon for 40% off any rgualr priced item! heeeEy! i smiled and bowed my head with a mouth, "thank you!" she put her hand down on her cart and smiled a crooked cute little old lady smile. :) so then, i used it on my boys "paint your own racecar" kit -wht can i say, the boy changed his mind! that didnt' stop me and my sissy igs who had met us at hte store to buy and make our own puppets while my little boy painted his racecars. :) i'll admit, i didn't quite finish my puppet- her hair took way longer that i expected. igs finished hers- it wa sa litlte gondala man- he had a cute little italian moustache and everything! ) heehehhe. so now i have a puppet head. tht's teh extent of my puppet. a puppet head with googly eyes, long black yarn hair and black eyelashes... kind of want to finish it, but should finsih other things first... eh! i'll add some pics to this this weekend- long weekedn for turkey day! horay! i cna't wait!!!! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

i'm backeth...

:) howdy all- ok- i'm back from all the wedding craziness! is til lahve my thank you cards to write out- but that will be done once my sissy finishes my painting- it's coming along SO fantastic! i cna't wait to hear back the comments i get from it.. and i will also of course post it up on the blog as well.

ok- this saturday is my first meet with my sissy igs so we can work on our "projects". we need to help motivate eachother with our art. we'll meet twice a month. every monday i' msupposed to meet with my dearest litel anntie so we can do the same. i NEED to get going on all my stuff- dear lordy.. next year.. gulp.. dare i say it- i'll be 30 and haven't even really started my stuff! i don't want to work for people my whole life- i want to be free to work as i please on my own creative kicks. for that though, we need money off my creative kicks.. for that- i need to work hard (woe is me!) :)

but that's ok. no pain, no gain, right? i'm determined to follow through on the list i wrote below. i need to get going! here are a few pics of the big day and the day after- breakfast at my mummies and the opening of presents... my personal fave! :)
- argh! jsut tried addinhg more pics u- but it wouldn't let me. :( eh! you ahve a wedding shot at least! :) todles noodles!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

38 days...

hmm... 38 more days until ze' big day! :) i would like to personally thank my cutie robby who made my lunchy snadwich today. turkey with swiss- scrumptious! here is a little sketch i made durin g my lunch break i usuually take infron of my compy. it has a very poor rendition of:

- my hello kitty lunch bag (a birthday gift for my 12th birthday)
- my tink mug ( thanks to Michelle, my lovely boss) - i rarely drink hot drinks with food- but i felt like being a grandma today.
- my 1/2 turkey-wich- yummers
-quick sketch of my man buster (he deserves much more than a 5 second doodle, but i did want to add him in, as i was thinking of him otday during my lunch break.)

there is so much to say- i cna't even fit it into a lunch break! but well, lets; give a quick round-up: i need to find my wedding shoes! ack! iahte shoe shopping! i'm very much a giddy little bunny- with the countdown... i want to make a doll... OooH lets see- lets make a lsit of things i want to accomplish within the first year of marriage- here it goes:

1. actually put some sort of etsy shop.
2. make a secret doll (can't tell you of what- in fear of peeps be stealing me ideas... what peeps? who evene reads this- ahehehehhee!)
3. make more dough!
4. learn to cook my mama's tasty yellow spaghetti and her recipe for chicken noodle soup for my cutie.
5. start using all the fabric that is in our living room!!! (i.e. make clothes = sewing= ech!;oP)
6. ride my bike on the weekends / get up to go walking / jogging- some sort of daily exercise routine...
7. have at the least 1 drawing a month.
8. and last but certainly not least.. be a SpEcTaCuLar little wifey for my cutie! :)

hmm.. thisreads somewhat like a new years resolutions list, but eh- whateva's! :) oh yeah, and also try to put some time into scrapbooking- ahehehee- or else all that money gone to waste on all those darn supplies! :)

toodles noodles!

(i'm so gossip girl!) ahahaha

Monday, August 17, 2009

47 days left...fhbeihvekrjgiwejki!!!

alrighty! here is teh adorable perfect little painting that my sissy igs made for my cutie and i for our wedding invites! the acutal will be our wedding present- eeeeee! we've already gotten several comment sback from guests saying that they love the card and i can't wait to see the thank you cards! she's making thsoe up for us too! :) (now it's time for the poor mans copyright- this painting was painted by Ingrid Moira Bermeo- NOBODY STEAL IT!!!!) if anyone wants info you can write me and will pass the msg along to her.. she really should put up an etsy shop soon. she has several paintings with the same cute characters- mind you- this was specifically painted for us, so the other characters do look slightly different-so this painting lookss more, well, like us! :)
talk about me and etsy shops! ha! here i amalways telling my sissy to put up an etsy shop- and iahve a milio things to sell- and well... i myself haven't found teh time to put my own one up! this weekend i was put on cleaning duty- ;oP but i have to clean up my mess i suppose. my little piles of clothes had traveled from the bedroom- to the living room and into my little desk area/ workspace. poor cutie was slowly getting a little anxious- but, before he can go completely nuts on me- i cleaned it up- ahehehehhe--- and found a bunch of things that i can put up on my etsy shop (once i make it...) i'm sure once all of this extra stuff is out of the house cutie little robby will be so much more at ease! heehehe... and the fact that i'll have some extra cash in my pocket- i'm sure that will make him feel even better! ahehhehe!
i took my dress in to get fit on saturday and i jsut can't wait to see it all done! eeeee! i'm SO excited! 47 more days unti lthe wedding! oh dear! i will then be a MRS! :) little miss Juliet Cress! :) have to get back to work- love you cutie!!!! xoxoxo :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

i've been neglecting my bloggy...

... yes, as i always do and as i knew i would... but it's not on purpose, i assure you. i've been a bit busy and drained with wedding biz and getting creative without doing anything, if that makes any sense at all.

right now, i'm feeling all sorts of inspiration, coming from every which-way. inspiration is hitting me from one too many ways to be exact. i have started somedrawings, but i keep getting side tracked with new ideas to even finish off the ones that i've began! OoOoOooh woe is me!
here is an update on 2 of the projects i want to finish before starting on my 3rd, which is already planned out and it includes my best friend of 15 years, nicoletta. but for now, lets get started with below...

the 1st sektch was sketched out really quick on my lunch break. i normally don't like drawing at work, cos then i get distracted with people saying, "oh- what are you doing? you draw? how great- can i see your book?" i've drawn in public settings before, with the hope that people would leave me alone- but it never fails- people are curious creatures and if you are too close to them- they are bound to come up and ask questions- so i drew this in my car.

the 2nd sketch i drew out at home- i want to eventually leave this kind of unfinished actually. i want to leave pencil in there and have just some micron lining and fill some color in on her dress and lips.

the 3rd sketch was a quick sketch of my cutie that i worked on before i went to sleep. i want to draw him as dionysus and i was planning on drawing myself behind him as one of his faithful maenads. this was actually inspired by a painting i found at the pompei exhibit at lacma. it showed dionysus with a maenad but represented them almost appearing as if they were a married couple- which was a bit rare. i pointed it out to robby and he commented that he liked it and it was like us... i got really excited and explained that i thought the same thing and that i wanted to draw it out. :) i want to use really muted colors so it can look kind of old and scratchy as teh real painting that was found appears. i can't wait to put some color on it! this was just a practice sketch of him... i will have to try to draw me now, which i think will be a bit strange, as i think it's a bit scary to draw yourself.

today cutie and i went all over downtown la- this originally started out as wedding biz- but quickly turned into hunting down old film locations. which suited me just fine- cos the first stop was actually a building i had wanted to visit, the historical fine arts building. the interior was absolutely fabulous- better than the art that was displayed in my opinon- hehehe. :) we stopped at moca and i bought myself an eggling and a ring to replace my engagement ring as it's getting a custom band and so i have to part with it for 2 weeks (sniffle). we then grabbed some lunchy at the city market, which originally opened in the wee early 1900's. grabbed a tasty carne asada tortita for $3.50 and an icecream cone as dessert and more pics of down town la historical buildings.
in theses piccies robby is searching the streets trying to match up some spots from the film Kiss Me Deadly. i was trying to get a shot of my new glitter ring, but i cut my hand off right as the ring began! argh! 2nd pic is of me waiting for robby, he had run up the hill to do some investigatin' and i stayed down by the tunnel, shaking my hand so i can see the glitter sparkle in the sun.
i'm off now to hatch my eggling and to practice my ukey- which needs some love and attention, cos i've also been neglecting him. hopefully i can give a post soon on progress on the pieces above. ciao for now! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

a touch of clara bow...

no- not exactly the best picutres... but here is a fashion illustration that i did for school a few years back. i got an "A" for it. and i was pleased. :) i had got the inspiration for the hat from teh movie "IT", with Clara Bow. she wore a really cute little clouche hat with little leaves and cherries on it. during the film, the hat almost seems to be falling apart... the cherries begin to start hanging lower and lower and for some reason i thought it was really cute that it looked as though the hat was falling to pieces while filming. :)
a friend of mine had just given me the dvd for my birthday with a card saying that he thought i was the ultimate "IT" girl. this was back in the day when i'd go 60's and britpop dancing every weekend. i suppose the fact that i have a round little face and my hair was cut uber short with clara bow bangs at the time, might've added to his idea of me having "IT". i watched "IT" and it made me smile. :) so the next day in class, we were given absolute freedom to draw whatever style we pleased- the only requirement was that we use 2 of the techniques that were shown in class that the week before. all i really wanted to draw was a version of that hat- so i decided to draw out something delicate with a vintage feel. i drew out some simple draping and a bunch of mushroom pleating... and lets not forget the hat! :) i had originally drawn out the girl holding out a piece of her bow because i wanted her to be playfully dangling it infront of a kitten- but once i was done drawing the actual figure- i thought drawing a kitten standing on it's hind legs was me being a bit too ambitous, ehehehhe so the kitten was left out. :)
i actually quite like the dress that i drew for the hat though. :) if i were 6 feet tall and weighed about 40 pounds less... i would've loved this to have been my wedding dresss. fashion illustration is NOT one of my favorite methods of drawing, but i do think that it can be pretty to look at.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

an awakening...

ok... it's somethgin very strange that has occured in teh past few days... little zins has had her eyes open, once again and is wondering "why aren't you doing more?". about a week has passed and there has been about three / four occasions that art/artists have come up.

1st- a friend invites me to an art show / music night- she's always getting local artists and has art charity events.. i had told her i coulnd't go, due to prior a engagement.

2nd- this week i find a long-lost friend online and see that she has gotten loads of great art up on her site- gorgeous pieces! recently having a show in london, being mentioned in the la times and selling portraits from 100- 3,000 dollars a piece!

3rd- a friend text me asking if i knew anyone who owned / ran any galeries, that he had a little over 40 paintings, finished and framed ready to show and he needed some leads. i sent him along to friend # 1.

4th- my fiance sends me an invite to an art showing/ movie release party of one of his old college friends for next week asking if i want to go- of course i want to go!

all four of these things happen in a little less than a week (2, 3 & 4 happened all within a day!) i tell me best friend about it and she starts to tell me about htis 13 year prodigiy painter who lives in sweden and how she was watching just in complete awe of this little girl. the girl is homeschooled and supports her entire family off these paintings. she works on her pieces for about 10-16 hours a day!!! she's 13! wow! the mother of the child said she used to try and get her to stop and to take a break- but then later jsut relaized that she is totally and completely focused and can not get out of the zone of her work.. which i think is so amazing!!! i can't help but say that i'm jealous, ehehehe!

why am i not doing more? my best friend said that we should accept the fact that we are just mediocre, ehhehe. which i don't completly believe to be entirely true. there are so many realms of art- how can i not be able to fit into at least one??? i need to get on it- and do more than what i do- a few doodles a month. i kind of take all these things as signs and that i have to take the next step and be more serious about my art. it is, afterall what i would ultimately love to do as a career. so one must work hard for a career, que no??? :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

quick ideas, but no time!

yes- i've been stricken with a case of the lazies--- and i ahven't posted anythign for a while- this weekend though i'm gogin over to my sissies to try to capture the few of the last preggy moments that she'll be having while baby benji is still in her tum-tums. :)
well- mission accomplised and i did infact swipe a pad of post-its and these are some qucik sketches.. usually done at a red light or when i arrive at work.
the top one i found the most amusing- it was a homeless man brushing his teeth while having a bit of fountain fun. :) i saw him drink from a bottle of water and slowly turn his head and spit out the water after he had rinsed. he was a little fountain for a bit. i htought it was kinda gross that he was completely spitting all over the street- but then again, at least he's keeping good hygene... ????? can't blame a guy for trying to keep his chompers!!! thhe area where he's usually foudn is HIGHLY industrial and i rarely see anyone walking onthese streets anyway- usually jsut people trying to get to work or big rigs driving through.
2nd row to the left- i thought was a little sad. :( you hear of homeless kids in teh us all the time - but rarely have i ever seen a homeless child in la. this little girl was sitting on top a little laundry push cart. the man behind her, i'm guessing is her pops- but who knows! she was patiently waiting while the man rummaged thru the trashcans looking for cans or bottles to recycle... poor little girl. she should be in school learnign to read, instead she'll be learning the way of the streets. :(
2nd row to the right- this was actually the same guy who was brushing his teeth on a different day. i tlooked likehe was throwing soem sort of bread, bagels or donuts... he was tryign to toss them into his little carry pusher. he had more than 1 piece of bread- i saw him toss around 3 pieces in the time span of my red light. he was carefully aiming... adn then tossing... he missed all of them.. eh! has to stay amused somehow i suppose....
3rd row to the left- hehehhe, this was jsut a little kitten i drew out for robby really quick as i sent him an eml. i told him he made me as happy as a little kitten with a new ball of yarn, hehehehhe. yes, i know i can be a sillyhead, eh!
3rd row to the right- this was actually the first little sketch that imade of the happy starbucks guy. when i came in from work- i didn't want to forget his expression- so i doddled him out really quick. i still remember his smilea nd his cheery attitude. he still makes me smile. :)
i'll make sure to post up the drawing of my sis as soon as i draw some...and as soon as i ge thte time to scan them in. :) ciao for nwo! back to work i go!!! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

a man and his guitar

here is a man that i had wanted to draw for a while. on my ride home from work, i was at a red light and saw him sitting peacefully playing his guitar at a bus-stop. at first i thought he was homeless, but now that i drew him, i don't believe he was. i liked how calm he looked. while i was waiting for my green arrow, he looked over at me and just kept gently stroking and picking at the strings. we looked at eachother for about 2 seconds and then he turned back around, wrinkling his eybrows as one does when they are trying to overcome something they find difficult. it looked to me that he was concentrating more on what he was playing, rather than when his bus would arrive. he wasn't playing loud or obnoxiously, he was just playing quitelty to himself. either people were afriad to sit next to him or he sat a bit further from anyone as to not to disturb the rest of the people waiting. i like to think to thikn the latter. perhaps he was just a wanderer living in his own little world while trying to get somewhere.
during a lunch break, i had actually quickly sketched him out, but it was rushed- and i didn't much like how i had drawn his eyes. since i don't like using eraser- i decided to start over again. i didn't feel that the first sketch did him any justice. i'm rather glad that i did. i like drawing in color but always forget and start in pencil or charcoal. this time though, i went to my bedroom and just grabbed the only pencil that around me, which was a prismacolor in "burnt ochre". i did the whole thing in about an hour and half. i added a second color, a darker brown "dark umber" pencil this morning and have now declared the drawing finished! to the man and his guitar- he'll never see this, but he is now a part of my sketch book and if i ever see him again at the bus-stop, i'll make it a point to park my car and let him see. :)
happy easter everyone!

Monday, March 23, 2009

so i didn't swipe the post-its... but i did find a little mexican pixie.

ok- so i didn't get a chance to swipe some post-its from work (they do owe me ya' know!!!) but i did however manage to doodle out the friendly old man who made me giggle during my lunch break. :)
last tuesday i was really rather giddy- a faboo song that i was singin' along to in the car- a free venti white chocolate mocha at buckies, nice, funny smiling strangers- who wouldn't have a fabulous morning??? i also had some men walk past me while i was standing near the sugar table and randomly smile- i smiled back.
when i was leaving buckies i saw the funny man outside being waited on a chauffer type person by a all black tinted windowed car. he was with a sports guy- i think he was a football player, perhaps the old man was his papa. but he waved good bye and smiled at me, "see you later sweetheart, you have a good day sweetie." i smiled and waved back while sipping on my venti and the football player waved back and smiled too-- if only i knew football players names-- i'm sure i've seen him on tv though. too bad football isn't really my thing... eh!
i was very smiley at work too and one of my co-workers said, "you're just letting out all this great positive, welcoming energy". another co-worker said to, "cut the crap!"- but i couldn't!- so i bootie-bonked her and she laughed and spanked my tush with some rolled up copies before i ran away. hehehe- strangely the next day on wednesday i had the most slow, agonizing, sad day... for no reason at all... it was just such a sloOOoOOw and boring day, i felt like that depressing doggie cartoon named droopy. ech!
this sat i went to a drawing workshop. it was kind of nice- there was only 5 other people- and that was including the man who ran it and the model! so it was kind of nice that it was such a small class. the model that we had was
very tiny. like a little pixie. she spoke with an accent and commented on my scarf. it was a rainbow handweaved scarf i got in ecuador. only then did she start chit-chatting on where she came from- mexico, 11 years ago. so tha tmakes her a little mexican pixie. usually when i go to workshops, the models are usually a bit rubenesque- not fat, jsut a nice curvy normal. she was very thin though and could fit in my purse if i forced her- she was less than 5 foot i think. but she was really nice... but almost fell asleep on a 30 minute pose- hehehe. i'm terrible at drawing faces if i don't draw them from a picture or have more time... which explains the spooky faceless one in the middle. the one at the top i wasn't actually goign to draw so much- i was foccusing on her feet but then got bored so i move dup to her body... then tehre was no space for her face- oh well! i hadn't gone to a life drawing class in ages... i thikn i might go again- it' just down the street from my apt anyway- so cutie can drop and pick me up. :) kisses cutie and thank you for doing so last sat. :)
sunday we went to the los angeles heritage day museum- you can read more about that and have a look at some of the pics by going here ( i also make a cameo in the vid-ehehheh). toodles for now!

Friday, March 20, 2009

little miss update...

alrighty- so little miss was missing last week- yesterday i saw a little bundle and blue blankets sleeping in the corner- but hte blankets wren't hers- but i still kept hope... and hti smorning- she was back- sitting at her bus stop- i got excited so i grabbed thru my purse to find my camera- i always get red lights at this stop.. but of course today i had a green and as i snalpped a pic of her..well, i only got 1 half of her. she was back and with new clothes!!! well! i'm not sure where she disappeared off to- but where ever it was- it wa sa good place- cos she got new clothes and a new blanket--- glad that she is back.

yesterday i had a pretty marvelous monring... the spectaularness of it all somewhat wore out about mid afternoon, but it was still good. i went to starbucks and met and smiled at a whole lot of strangers. there was jsut good happy energy all around and it jsut made me so giddy- i actually skipped my little old way to the filing room- one co-worker said- "you're skipping- what's the matter with you?"

i'm about to swipe a new pack of post-it notes to quickly sketch out some of the yesterdays events. little moments that are still captured in my memory. :) tmrw or by monday hopefully we should have anew little comic like piccies up to illustrate my happy thursday. :) ..and i msut say soemthign about a co-worker who keeps feedin me-- she's doin' nothin' for mah' figyaw!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

little miss on alameda...

this is a little miss that i've been watching on my way to work for close to 2 years now. i don't know her name, adn all i can say- is that i hope she is well. she's not been at her bus stop on alameda for a complete week now. little miss... i do believe has gone missing!

i never see her asking for money- she's usually fixing her makeup, she wears very loud blur eyeshadow and loads of red smeared lipstick. i also see her checking her feet sometimes. she stares off aimlessly while i'm at the red light. i once saw her getting questioned by police, but she was calm- she stayed seated and looke dup like a little lost puppy.

i'm not sure if she may be a prossie when need be- but i have seen some suspicious behaviour between her and some men.

1st suspicious occasion- i saw a man sitting very close to her and was undoing his pants. she stayed looking at him and he smiled and put his hand out kinda like, "so- whatch'ya think" she looked down on her lap and seemed unammused. this man didn't look homeless, but didn't look in teh best shape either- definitely not a type of man i would think solicit sex form a woman on the broad daylight- but, well, one can never know.

2nd suspicious occasion- when i pass early, little miss is still sleeping. she either sleeps sitting up with a blanket over her head or on the floor bundled up in blankets. she was on the floor this time and a black man was sitting on teh bench beside her and he kinda slapped her bum and then shook it with a smile- he left his hand there and remained laughing with an open mouth it seemed like an "ooh yeah!" kind of vistory or something... of course- i have NO clue what was really going on- but that guy made me mad- i thought to myself, "leave her alone! she's only trying to get some sleep!".

3rd suspicious occasion- i had teh red light but ddint' see her at her stop- this time i saw her across the street talking to a business man watiign for the bus. at first he ignored her, buthten he got very close to her and began to talk. it seemed kind of likehe was talking, but not looking at her, as if he was trying to be sneaky. then the light turned green and i had to go. :(

4th suspicious occasion- little miss was sitting with a blanket over her head adn i saw someone elses feet sticking out of the blanket as if he were kneeling... not sure if anythign was really gogin on- but well...

i've taken a few pics of her but have never posted them, cos they make me feel sad for her. i wonder if she has any children or if her school friends ever think about her..."i wonder what little miss is doing now..." i've never seen her ask for money or be a distraction or acting crazy. i wonder somertimes about these peoples lives. i want to go talk to some of them, but am unsure what their reaction would be. little miss- i do hope you are well and that i see you again on alameda sometime soon!

Monday, February 23, 2009

cooking for my cutie...

ok- i havne't even colored this one in- ubt i've had ti drawn for about week and have not foudn the time to color it. bah! it isof me cooking maduros for my cutie. :) (fried plantains) it was my first time cooking them, as i'd usually hover around my mama as she is #1 maduro cooker in my book. :) robby had picekd soem up for me at he super market, upon request and figured it was time to cook it up- i have one more left that i'm thinking of making tonight- they go perfect with anythign- even if for a tasty snack. :)

last week was our first offical week of "wedding planning"- dear lord, it just absolutely made our heads spin! we have an appt with the officiant this thursday and he si meeting us in urbank (thank goodness) -his usual office is down by bev hills i think (the drive = puke!).

i was going to scan in seom sketches for my future mama to see possile dress ideas, but i brought hte wrong sketch book- sometimes i thikn i should keep all sketches in teh same book, but hten they might get all jumbled and confused when i'm tryign to look for a certain sketch / idea... i'll bring it tmrw and scan them in. (if you're reading this sherry, i will also try to ge tthe swatches out to you by this week).

i REALLY must get a move on with my sewing machine! i did make a skirt that i had cut ages ago, i wore it to the andrew bird concert. :) it is a highwaist circle skirt- nothign too special, but i feel relieved knowing that i would no longer see it folded up with pins in the corner and it will now have a happy home hung up in my closet so it can make some friends with my other skirts. :)

cfiao for now all...(the few who ever read this....) :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

eaaaaaaaasy going....

ok- so i've fallen back into my old ways again and i haven't written, cos i haven't drawn- then i thought to myself- am i not going to write until i have a new drawing up everytime??? although a picture would be nice to have every post- sometimes, i don't find the time to draw. i should've taken a pciture of the annoying gas lady from whom i bought gas for my car yesterday!

my job has a new poilcy that everyone MUST be in by 9am and they fax over the catering menu requests at 9 sharp every morning. so here i am running (fairly on time) but i look at my little gas gauge and i notice i need some-- in a mjor way! so i stop at the gas station that was on the way to the freeway. i think i'm doing good on time if i get in and out smoothly- this is how "smoothly" tends to go in my world:

me: hi, can i have $15 on 10 please?
agl: 10 dollars?
me: no, $15 on ten please.
agl: ok, swipe your card
(swipe, enter pin register opens)
agl: here you go (passes me $15)
me: (a bit confused) hmmm... what's this for?
agl: you asked for $15.
me: no i didn't- i asked for 15 on ten.
agl: you didn't ask for cash back?
me: no- i never asked for cash back. (mind you, this is starting to take some time and i'm trying to go "in and out").
me: you know, that's alright- here, just take this 15 and put it on 10.
agl: i have to see what i did, gimme teh reciept.
me: no, really, that's alright, just put it on 10 and we'll be good.
agl: well, are you good with your bank?
me: WHAT?
agl: are you ok with your bank that i took out $25?
me: why did you take out 25? i said 15 on ten.
agl: i thought you said 15 cash back and i put $10 on 11. so, is it ok with your bank that i took so much out? do you have enough in your account?
me: what? i never even asked for cash back. you know what- just give me back the 15 and i'll drive to pump # 11 and just put 10 dollars in.
agl: are you sure- i can change if you need me to.
me: no, really, that's fine.
agl: ok, thank you. sorry.
me: that's fine, no worries. (as i grab my cash and run in my car, pull over to the next pump and i get $10 worth of gas... and lets not forget my $15 cash back.)

why? argh! this is actually the 3rd time the same lady has messed up. the last time i asked for a fuel injection cleaner and $15 on 3. she said "ok" and passed me the fuel injector cleaner and i went on my way. i pumped a little less than $13. i went in and told her, the gas stopped at 13- i asked for 15. she said, "yeah, but the fuel injection cleaner..." LADY! argh! why must she work this shift??? i guess i have to go to the next gas station across the street. (unless i want more sienfeld scenarios to fill my days).

a picture will soon follow - 2/10, picture has followed! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

my little uke and i

i had originally wanted to post this on saturday- but our compuy went a bit crazy for 2 days ans now it' sback up- yahoo! :) i'll admit, i ahven't been as dedicated to my littel uke as when i first opened it up. i practiced my little fingers sore and until i was able to play "mary had a little lamb" with aaaaalmost not having to look... i then had a lessson with a great teacher! he gave me tips and ideas that would help me.. then, all of a sudden, as soon as he left, my little uke (which i ahve yet to name) hadn't been played until last wednesday. i picked it up and dusted her (or him) off and began to play...

i ahd a doctors appt so i was able to spend a bit more time after i woke up to fiddle with ukey. this coming sunday i have another lesson. it's a friend of my borthers and he teaches guitar. he also does ukelele. considering i pay him in juice from the convenient store accross the street, imust admit-he's the best deal that i've found all year! :)

doodling my posts is a bit time consuming, but i have grown quite fond of it. :) it gets me drawing, which was somethign i hadn't been doing in quite soem time- so it's waking my eyes and hands up, this, i like. and i know i'm still ntohte best at posting, but i think i have been a bit more consistant than before.

cutie and i went to a bridal faire this past sunday- the mc said he needed some grooms-to-be to participate. my sister an i were absolutley terrible and as i was waving my arm and pointing to my little cutie, i took it a step further and i began to scream, hoot and hollar. the mc had no choice to notcie us and my cutie was chosen to "perform"!!! - more to come after i draw... how i love my little cutie- what a good sport he is!!! xoxoxo!

Monday, January 19, 2009

oh that goes in there... in where???

friday night i went to the Eygptian Theater in Hollywood. Cutie and i went to go see a Richard Dreyfuss movie called, "Inserts". the film was rather interesting. half nakey and full nakey ladies pretty much thru out the whole film with a few nakey boy bits tossed into the mix every now and then. there was also a very young Bob Hoskins (it ws his first film role). if you're into 20's porn- this is definitely a fetish cult classic... or if your into light strangulation... yum! (just kidding)...

the director and two of the supporting actors were there at the screening and did a q&a after the film. you can see some of the vids on the Dear Old Hollywood blog.

we took some pics outside of the theater. i went ahead and doodled me against the wall. one of my favorite terms that were taught to me in elementary school was the term "artistic license" -- heheh. :) so, if you've ever been to the eygptian theater, you might notice the wall isn't exactly accurate- but it think it's good enough to get the picture across. :)

outfit details- handpainted silk scarf- aLou original, red 3/4 sleeve turtleneck-express, black hoodie- express, dull charmeuse mushroom pleated dress with beaded lace bodice- vintage, electric blue tights, nordstrom

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i closed one eye and put my pencil up for measurement...

today i decided to put a drawing up instead of a picture. we don't have a scanner, so it leaves me to have to download pics of pics off my camera sometimes- eh. i'll live. this was drawn about 2 or 3 days ago when i was waiting for my cutie to get off the darn compy! ( all i wanted was some snuggles...) but he was busy doing his own blog, which i highly encourage. but still, i was bored and left with nothign to do as he did some research for his dear old hollywood.

i like to draw, but rarely do. i sometimes ask cutie to pose, but i'm not sure if he's all that keen on the idea of him sitting in one position for too long. i'm almost tempted to pay on some weekend workshops to draw. then i stop myself and think, i have a perfectly able boy who lives with me, why spend 10 dollars? so i took this as an op to play it sneaky and i sat behind him while he typed away and began doodling. it's pen and color pencil. i prefer chalk. but since i spent a load on this huge box of prismacolor pencils- i thought it worthwhile to make some use of the poor neglected pencils. sharpening i went! i thikn i'll start drawing more random, everyday things.

i showed cutie the next day and he said he was impressed and started laughing and said, "see honey- now that's real life!" bah, i think it was his way of trying to make it ok that i was cuddle-deprived in that time of doodling. ;) but i msut admit, i am an absolute cuddle brat. i want cuddles all the time. but jsut because i admit to it, doesn't mean i thikn it's wrong and that i'll stop. i have not had to join cuddlers annonymous or go to "snuggle" parties - so i think, for his sake, i'm still ok.

yes, drawing i will be this weekend... now if only i can get my little cutie to sit for me... oh please! (this blog should serve as a hint to him!) ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009

new year = new posts!

Alrighty- i know i've been a bit crap on wrtiign blogs- what's wrong with me?? i'll tell you what's wrong with me... i'm a bit of a lzy littel bunny when it comes to gettin' on the compy for longer than 10 minutes.

but it's a new year and so all must be forgiven, correct? yes, i thought so. so what have i done in this oh so new year?? well, i have now taught myself how to play "twinkle twinkle", "ode to joy" and "mary had a little lamb" on my ukelele (thank you robby) which i can easily say was one of my fave x-mas gifts...considering that i've been wanting one for about 2 years... my fingers are now being contorted into all sorts of painful little notes and chords. i want to learn to play well and then i can sing with a high pitched voice and dance around at the same time.

i also finally took my overlock machine to ge tfixed, the tstrings were wrong- ehehhe... i never said i was a pro! the guys at MAYHALLS in la cresenta stringed it up for me for free. they're always very helpful there. if you need any help with your machine or are interested in buying a new one, i'd go there. they also offer beginner classes in sewing. so now, i can make soem knits.. will i? i hope so- might as well get soem use out of that little machine! i DID make soem curtains this weekend, forgot to take a picture of them. eh!

oh yes, i almost forgot to write about why i put up the vintage wedding dress pattern from VOGUE. last night i started sketching out some ideas for my dress. it will be heavily influenced by Robby's grandmothers dress. She got married in 1937 and the dress was to die for! i took a load of pics and started sketchin' around. (i'm not using the vogue pattern shown above) it was jsut to mention the wedding.. yes, yes, the better bloggin should be part of my new year rez. hope everyone had a great one! :)