Monday, June 28, 2010

just a quicky...

just thought i'd do a quick little post and show you my berries!!! (ehehehe! :) i woke up this morning and was pleased to see them so rosy and a 3rd little berry is getting pretty rosy too! :) they look so tasty, i'm afraid of little birdies attacking! if they look tasty to me- i'm sure they will look tasty to some little feathered friend as well, i will ahve to buy soem sort of netting to go around or something. if they are still there (keeping fingers crossed) this evening when i arrive from work- i will pick and gobble them up- taking great satisfaction to know that i grew these little yummies from seeds, dirt and a bit of extra close attention. :) dont' they look yummy??? :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

happy birthday to my very cool mama!!!

ok- so- here i am- to celebrate my mama! it's her birthday today and i just wanted to share with you some of my favorite pictures of her and my pops. (they were the team that made me ya' know...) :) i called her early in the morning with cutie to sing a duet of the birthday song- we were the first callers of the day and with our incredible singing voices (ahem!) i'm sure we made her morning! :)
i love the first pic of my mama (born juana colombia novoa-alvarado)- the way she's just lounging around and the expression on her face is just so perfect casual cool. hehehhe. :) the 2nd picture is of my mama and pops - hehehe- i think he looks a like such a a little boy in this pic. :) both pictures were taken on their honeymoon. which made my mama a tender 19 years old. :)

these pics are also gorgeous of my parents i think! i actually have these on our wall- soon to be in our new craft room! :) my mama and pops dressed as primitaive cave people... scary!!! i love my moms eyes in this pic! the 2nd pic was them looking superb of course near christmas time. :) i want to find a silver tree just like that for christmas! :) so to my mama, i want to wish a fabulous, spectacular happy birthday and 100 more to come! :) i love you, i love you, i love you! :)
and well- here we are back in bloggy world and and out of the dizzying world of love i have for my mama- ehhehe. :)

(hard at work for diddly!)
ok- so i did not just completely ditch my dress- but here i am- (pics were taken this morning- so do excuse my jammies and my mess of hair.) so i draped and made a pattern for the skirt... which was a big mistake- cos duh! after i made my pattern- i remembered i couldn't use this pattern for this dress- as the print has a stripe border at the end- and i should've gone with the skirt that i had originally already sewn for the mock- up! aRrrrgh! there was obviously a reason why i had draped it the way i originally did for the mock-up! i should learn to trust my first instincts! it would've saved me a lot of time! now i have to make another mock-up as i think i tossed the original one out- cos i had the clever idea of making a different skirt... argh... mhrgehvenri!

to end this post- i will leave you with my mommy frolicking in the snow. :) happy birthday- i love you!!! xoxoxo
...and thank you for reading....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Los Angeles Conservancy

last night- cutie and i went to the Los Angeles Theater in Downtwon LA to take part of "Last Remaining Seats", presented by The Los Angeles Conservancy. the movie at hand was The Graduate- and as much as i love the film... i must admit i think the Los Angeles Theater was the shining star of the night. as soon as we walked in- it took my breath away!!! here are jsut a few pics that made me go, "oOoOH- aAaAAh...." :)

pics from top- left to right.
first pic was taken of me by a woman named chris. i was infact, taking a picture of the mirrors of the bathroom. as i wasputting my camera away- she turned and said to me, "i'm sorry, but i just need to take a pciture of you taking a picture. would you mind taking another picture so i can take one of you?" i figured..."why not?". after she took it, i asked her if she can eml it. so, in the bathroom of the los angeles theater... as we were being escorted to our bathroom stalls- we exchanged information and she emld me this pic and i had it in my possesion in about a minute... isn't technology grand???

not as grand as the los angeles theater though... a very mini tour- as there is SO much to see if you ever visit the theater- at the top of the stairs- there was a GORGEOUS crystal fountain- (wasn't running that night) that looked like a chandelier- the french inspired mural behind the fountain was painted by mexican muralist Candelario Rivas. i was thinking about maybe taking a tour of the theater- with the handsome Tony Valdez- ehhehe- who helped host the night and interviewed the producer from the gradute, Lawrence Turman, who was pretty hilarious- ehhee. :)

if ever in the LA area- i'd recommend taking one of the walking tours- you won't regret it. ;) i had seen this movie before, but it was different watching it on the big screen how it was meant to be watched- with a crowd of people. i don't think i ever realized how funny the movie wactully was when i had seen it on my small tv screen. i'm glad we went to see this for discovering the theater as well as getting the chance to see Mr. Turman. :) so- if you haven't seen the graduate yet... do.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

weekend walk and a yummy

yesterday morning, my friend hollie and i went for a little walk- strictly for a nice little stroll... but well- we came across 3 yardsales! and i bought this cute little dress- the yardsales gal originally tried selling it for 10- but knocked it down to 5 when she saw a huge hole in the back- nothing that can't be fixed... but she didn't seem to know that.

anyhoo when i first saw the dress- the bodice reminded me of something that could've been 40's- but take a look all the way down- and this was definteily from the 70's- which can also be fabulous- but lately, there's been a bit more of a 30's- 40's vibe in the air for me. even though i don't... and probabaly never will fit into this dress- for $5 i thought it would be worth while to take it apart adn at least use it for pattern purposes- i can cut the skirt in half and cute little 40's dress i can have. :)
oh- and incase you didn't know it- i love to cook. here is a white bean and totellini soup i made- lately i don't know why- but i've been craving anything with beans... so tasty! cutie liked this so i felt like i got an "A" in the kitchen. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

presenting little miss hazel!

here is little hazel- what a little lady! :) i made a little dress and hat- boxed her up and my jefita absolutely loved her- yay! :) once i put hair on her, i thought she looked so cute- it was a bit difficult let her go. :( but i was excited to see Michelles reaction and it was better than what i expected. :) i think i might make more little dollies. :)
i'm SO glad tmrw is friday- i can't wait to be off work- every friday i feel like such a child, always watching the clock to see when i can leave, it's like waiting for the bell at school to ring... this weekend will be busy but fun! beetleguise in the cemetary and sunday fiddle around the house.

well this was mainly just a quick update for little hazel- hope everyone has a fabulous friday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dress & hazel update...

ok- another dress update- at the rate that i'm going- i'll proabbaly have this dress finished by the first of july! well..a t least it will be finsihed, right? :) but here i've added my sleeves and after about 2 hours of fiddling with my machine- i finally figured out how to use elastic thread so that it actually sheared and not just sew flat- but with patience, you can achieve great things. :) so i kept at it and was able to shear the little sleeve ruffles adn i need to make it for the neckline too. and i've decided to change my skirt from my original mock-up and will have to redrape- aaaargh... ah- oh well. i will have a swell little dress for july! :)

my other update is on little hazel! she was first debuted a while back, but i'm trying ot finish her up for a surprise birthday gift for my boss (by tmrw!!!)... i'm hand sewing a dress and need to find something to use as hair- i was thinking of putting my own- but a girl i work with said she though it was too creepy and voodooish... bah! another girl did say she thought she was really cute to use my own - which i agree with but well... i'll save my locks for other dollies i suppose. :) next time you see hazel- she will be fully clothed! :)

so i guess with my dress taking forever- (and yes, i did get a mild scolding from cynthia) but it's not like i'm not doing aAaAanything- i've gotten a bit sidetracked with hazel and making a pink ruffle skirt for a co-workers little girl- who is sOooO adorable- so i am being a productive bunny... just being scattered around a bit is all. :)

thanks for stopping by and i hope you all have a fabulous day!!! :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

not quite finished.. ehehee...

ok- so here is where i'm at with the dress so far. ehehhehe- no, i'm not finished with it yet- i should know myself better than to give myself timelines. i did do the mock up in a fakey fabric- but of course when i was going to cut it in the real fabric- i started fiddling with the pattern and with new fabric. i thought itwould be cute to make the top a different polka dot instead of using all the same fabric for the dress. i showed it to cutie and he agreed. :) so snipping i went. this morning i finished drafting the sleeve pattern. i bought a pattern drafting book in my school days- i blew off the dust and found that she was loaded with great info that she wanted to share-she was excited to strecth out on my desk...hehehee. :) so i'm planning on a bit of a puff sleeve and little ruffles around the neckline and sleeves- which i turned into a deeper scoop instead of a v and i may or maynot make a sash... i think i just might wear this with a belt... eh- we'll see! :)

quick little garden update! my marigolds and zinnias are starting to bore me... i'm waiting for some bloomin' flowers... argh.. although i do think it's a bit of an accomplishment that they've grown as much as they have. my last few planting projects failed miserably. what i AM super excited about is my strawberry plant (the littel white flower) and my little figaro figgy tree! :) i think the little white flower blooms turn into strawberries.. don't they??? a cute little transformation if thats how it goes. little strawberry seems to grow quite fast- i've seen her change almost everyday since i got her... what should i name her... any suggestions??? :) and i love seeing figaro every morning and evening to see which little leaf has sprouted from where.