Tuesday, November 11, 2008

pale young gentlemen? yes please.

Oooh! alrighty- so i'm not working today for veterans day and so i have some time to load up some pics! :)
sunday, i went with robby to see a band named pale young gentlemen at the knitting factory in hollywood- they were soOOoO good! i really wanted to move up to the front of the stage, but i'm a bit of a shy bunny, so i was a bit firghtened to move up on my own to dance-- so i jsut danced where i was standing. i also didn't want to get in the way of any people trying to take pics.
they were so spectacular though! i was glad that they stopped by in la for a show- the lead singer mike is a good friend of robbys from high school- so it turned out that the whole band camped out in our living room! ahehehhe, our first "official" houseguests! :) other than playing great live tunes, they're all super nice! :)
the next morning, robby woke up bright and early to pick up some portos for breakfast. i helped him in and we set out the food, little by little, one by one... everyone started waking up and all wandered slowly thru the dim living room and stumbled towards the kitchen... the smell of portos is always super spiff in the morning! so- our first houseguests got a tasty little breakfast from our favorite cuban bakery...and they all seemed to really enjoy the tasty treats- yay!
i got a shirt (which are all printed on AA brand soft shirts) and some stickers, the stickers were doodled by the lead singer, they're really cute, of little swan-like birdies... i forgot to take pics of them, some "blogger" i am! well- all in all, i have to say, if you get a chance to see them... DO IT! you should check out their website:
if you can't make it to the show, you can also buy their new cd and merch off the site. now everyone should go and get some new tunes by pale young gentlemen! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

poppy cat studios to the rescue!

here is my latest little purchase... a cute necklace charm and a MORE than cute pinset on a postcard. the postcard reads, "In a field of many flowers, you're the one i pick" the pendant above was one of my faves on her site as well. it's of two lovers kissing, made form a painting she she herself painted.
i bought this on etsy from a little fairy of a lady who has the cutest drawings / paintings / crafts. i was just reading her blog and i have to admit, there is something very magical about this little fairy. she lives in the mountains and is a mama to a little sprite of her own. it seems (thru her blog at least) that she spends time working at hre sons school with an art program that she has created and she seems to like to take nature piccies. flowers, scenery...she likes yosemite. this is all i know of the little fairy who signs her paintings "saffron".
her paintings are seomwhat child-like and have a unique style to them. it reminds me of illustrations you might see in the la weekly or in womans magazines, there to illustrate a sassy little tart or a weeping heart-broken young miss... (bottom pin to the right). she also has a really cute painting of a froggy seranading a very demure looking lady mouse. :) i want to buy a print of this next. her prices are super reasonable and she sent along a free magnet of a cowboy doggy. :) i forgot to take apic of it, as it's already on my fridge and was away from my other main goodies that i had chosen.
i thikn if you cath this bloggy, you should go check out her shop:
i've actually written to her 'cos i want her to make two paintings for me. i want two portraits of my cutie and i in her style of painitng. she said if i sent her shots of us in different face angles that she would be able to do it. i showed my fiance her site and he thought it would be really cute to have those paintings in our new apartment. i can't WAIT! now all iahve to do is get crackin' and take some shots of us to send her.
i'm currently a smitten kitten with everything saffron / poppy cat! check her site out, i doubt you'll regret it! i want more!!! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

back from wisco...and newly engaged!

Alrighty! so, i came back from Wisconsin, which i've shorted down to wisco. :) it was ABSOLUTELY impossible to take a bad picturte of wisco scenery. you could pretty much close your eyes and snap a picture and it would turn out like it should be in national geographic or something. :)

<-- a cute little bridge in stoughton, wi * my fiance robby * me! doing a really bad job of blending in. (semi showing off my ring, hehehe) :)

i met the rest of robbys family and they were all SUPER nice. :) we had an engagement party the first ngiht that we had arrived...that's right. little juliet is engaged! (when did that happen?!!) little robby-kins asked me to marry him the weekend before we left to wisco. my whole family is excited, as am i! it may seem very old fashioned, but the idea of "belonging" to someone, i think is rather nice. :)

we came back on sunday and moved EVERYHTIGN form his apratment to our new aprtment (jsut down the street) i became afussy baby when my wrist started hurting after carrying seom weird shaped couch down a curvy flight of stairs, but we got thru it- thank goodness!

the apartment is in shambles for the moment, but teh other day i fixed everyhtign in teh kitchen to my liking, since i'll probably be the one cooking most of the time. everytime we say, "let's cook soemthgin together" - it's usually me cooking as he sits and watches me and chit-chats... which is ok with me. he fixed his desk and compy. i think i'll break down my desk today and take it over. i'm eager to start working on some new designs! :) i want to get my stuff in tehre too, 'cos, as of right now- i'm feeling like hte place is his entirely. it has all his stuff from the apartment in there and nothing of mine. i need some juliet things in there! soon enough though. :) i thikn we're going to buy a book case this weekend from ikea. i want to add soem cute colorful stuff- maybe soem kipart and hang up a pinting that my friend petey made for me.

well- there's a mini update as to what i've been up to.. for hte few that even actually read this... hehehe... cheers! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

new place with a not so new adorable face... :)

alrighty, so- i've gone ahead and done it! i've moving out with my boyfriend william! eeeeeeeeee! i can't wait! i'[m so excited for the decoratin' bit, i t will be faboo galore! the apt is jsut right for us i think. it has a big open living room with a kitchen and counter separating the kitchen and living room.

it has a small little patio that i plan to decorate with hanging potted vines and little flowers allover! i want to hang up cute kitchen scenes from the 20'40's in teh kitchen. i already have a valentino one in mind where he's holding up some extra long spaghetti. i have a beatles one that william suggested and i want to type up buster keatons recipes that i have on one of my keaton books... i cant write too much at the moment, but will update with actual pics and all that sort maybe by this week. - theres so much to get done this week- it's insane! aaah! :)

ciao for now my lovlies!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

inspiration galore!!!!

this will be a pretty un-inspiring blog, seeing that there are no picky-tures to accompany, but, i'm telling you dear people.. that TODAY, i'm so in love with life and everything in it! :)

...maybe it was the pale young gentleman cd i was listening to, maybe it's teh skirt i'm wearing today... my inspirsation wall at work? myabe it's all the log reading i've een doing on my lunch break... no, it was earlier than my lunch break- it was while i was feeding my two dear pups this morning that i felt so happy. :)

whilse driving to work, i was car dancing and at a red light, i felt the need to tell my boyfriend that i loved him and i sent him little kisses over the phone. cheesy, some might say yes, ut eh! as liam lynch would say, "whateva!" :)

yesterday i also found out soem very exciting news about my sissy.... i hsould spill the beans too soon, so i shall keep quiet.

at work last week, i got a load of free clothes, they were kinda cleaning out and getting rid of a lot of stuff. i grabbed a lot of stuff for my mom and sisters- out of EVERYTHING i grabed, i only found about 6 things for me that i would actually wear and some stuff that i miiiiiiiight wear to one of my motherrs functions, but not exaclty my tatse, but it's "pretty & sensible" something my mother adores.

anway- maybe it was this also that has got me so inspired, after trying on about 50 dresses (keeping the 6) i was itchin' to jsut seriously throw out all of hte clothes in my closet and jsut start anew! my boyfriend Robby was a sweetheart and saw a little "how to" book on making skirts. it has a few simple designs, but it's a cool ook, cos it tells you exactly how to do it, no patterns required, jsut fabric, fabric shears, a tape measure and a sewing machine. i myself have NEVER made anyhtign withuot draping, making patterns, hten making it once more to check the pattern and THEN making the actual garment. maybe that's a reason i've been so horrible about making anything. it's so much work! :P but i'm excited and i'm feelin' fresh and all jived up about this new clothes thing. :)

for the wisco trip...i leave in 17 days!!!! (yikes! gogin to see teh trees change colors for a week and meetin' the mans fam- double yikes!) Little juliet is determined to make at least 1 dress and 1 skirt for wisco. and i think i can take 2 of the dresses i got from work. i want to wear all dresses when i go. i like dresses and skirts, i def have to build my collection! and i thikn i will surely start up on makin' my own collection. hmmm..that should be an early resoultion.. not to spend so much on clothes- i DO have a ton of fabric at home and i DO have 2 workin' machines now... and we ARE (wether the news admits it officially or not) in a recession... yes. this is gogin to be it for me. little jules will make at the least (maybe more, (yeah right!)) items of clothign evry 2 weeks... i mean, hey, i DO have a job ya' know! ;)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (that means, total and utter exciting times.)


Sunday, September 28, 2008

she opened my eyes...

alrighty- look above and you can see the wonderful world of kip! :) i met this magical little fairy girl thru Pulp People when i was about 17. the first letter i ever rcvd, i had to face my fear of glitter to even open the envelope. as a child, my parents never let us have glitter and told us it could get into our eyes and slice our eyes each time we blinked. with this, until i met kip, i was deathly afraid of these brightly colored chips. i considered not ever opening it, but there was something about this letter- perhaps the quickly chopped jarvis head that was pasted by my name and the mysterious script that made me open it.

i went to the bathroom and thought the only safe place to open this letter was over the toilet. i turned the letter over and the tape that was used to seal it was sprinkled with the little rainbow eye killers. when i opened it and unfolded teh letter, i was rigth to open it over the toilet. glitter poured out of the envelope and the letter. i held the letter with my fingertips at each corner.

while reading the letter, i read everything about myself. her favorite pulp song was a b-side, mile end, same as mine. her favorite actors at the time, gary oldman and isabella rossellini were also shared by me. out of nowhere, this complete stanger, miles away scribbled down all of her likes and dislikes, all the same as my own. i slowly put the letter down and saw the pool of pink, blue and purple glitter that sparkled as it lazily swirled around in the toilet. it was meant for us to meet- i was sure of it.

we remained penfriends for years. she would send me letters, littered with glitter, star stickers, jarv cutouts and her glorious pen drawings. in the pulp packages, she send me gifts, mixed tapes of rare jarvis interviews and old import magazines that she had hunted down online. all of her letters, drawings and crafts were perfect mismatch art.

in april of last year, i drove up north to see her. we drove to san fran to watch Jarvis perform at the fillmore. after years of loving this man- we finaly saw him in the flesh! he was the man who had originally brought us together.

around the same time that we had seen jarv, i drove back up with my mother to visit my dearest little kip. we spent the day together and she gave me something that i hold as one of my favorite possesions. she gave me her handmade Pulp /Jarv Scrapbook. page after page, it's perfect creativity. feathers, stickers, drawings, collages. i look thru this book every couple of months or so and am reminded everytime of the Magic of Kip!

i love you vim!

Monday, August 18, 2008

beaton branson's intro -aka- juliets intro

...is now official.

this is my first blog and as i'm a bit of an internet/ blog spazz (as in, i don't know how to to do it), so please bare with me as i attempt to try to make my life seem the least bit interesting by sharing with you my days and my likes and dislikes... i don't like to talk much of things i dislike (there's no point to it, really, is there?) but every now and then venting can help and who else better to vent to than with thousands of loving/ hating strangers... i do hope most of you lovlies are loving though. so much effort goes into hate, lets be lazy and love together, shall we?