Sunday, January 31, 2010

well, better late than never i always say... here is what i wore on friday. as i said before, i don't dress up for work. the most i do is wear jewelry or different scarves around my neck, as well as on my head. :) i'm not sure how these pics will come out, as it seems as though every time i write a post and see the layout as i write, the pictures look perfectly in order, however, when i post, the pics go all screwy- if anyone knows how i can remedy this, please do tell... this little bunny is eager to find a solution!

the 2 pins i wear on my jacket are both vintage. the little cameo i think is kind of cute, cos the girl in the cameo has long poofy hair. most cameos that is see, the girls have their hair poofy, but is usually up. so i took a liking to it and it being only $1 at the thrift store made it even more appealing. :) i use it in place of a button that i lost off my jacket- i'm forever losing buttons! bah!

the 2nd pin shown was a gift from my cutie. he gave it to my on our first year anniversary together. i rather like it and it has become a stationary pin on my red jacket. it's from the late to early 60's to early 70's i'm guessing. it's a bit heavy and it's cute and bright. i like it, cos, well, first cos cutie got it for me, second, i don't think i've ever seen a little pin of a zinnia and since it's my name, i'm rather fond it. :) aaaah drats! i just noticed i forgot to draw my little heart locket- also a gift from my cutie- i'll draw this one later.

i'm behind on my drawings, but i think i'll skip some of the work clothes next week and perhaps draw my weekend outfits instead. not much more exciting, but better than work clothes i suppose. :) toodles noodles cynthia! ahehehe!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ok- so when i originally started this blog, i had started it with the intent of drawing my daily outfits or daily adventures- as opposed to posting pictures. not to say i would never have pictures, but i wanted this blog mainly to be for my drawings- and well, obviously, i've been slacking.

so, without further ado (is that right?) here is a quick 15 minute doodle of my normal work clothes that i drew before going into work. i refuse to waste my "cute" clothes for work. i run around at work, it's not really a place to wear my cute stockings and short dresses. so let me keep my fingers crossed that i get back into the thing that i love to do and that is to draw.

fashion illustration isn't my favorite form of drawing, but since i am in the fashion business- i suppose its something i should practice. and for my quick outfit sketches, they will do.this isn't supposed to look exactly like me, obviously, but it will serve as my illustration version of me for now- hehehe. :) i'll also post of course my regular drawings as i finish them. hope you enjoy!:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

waiting in line...practice makes perfect...

darn-a-roo. ok, cutie is out for his game night tonight. i usually take that time to eat something naughty, snuggle up and either read, draw or watch tv, i try to do this all in bed. i miss doing those things in bed.
after work, i spoke to cutie before i was about ot get something tasty and naughty- he talked me out of it. (argh!) so i decided to go tomicheals, pick up some c rochet needles and some yarn. i go into micheals and dear lord- it never fails to amaze me how long the lines are in there EVERYTIME! there can be a snowstorm and there is still 2 long lines of people waiting to buy styrofoam balls, fake flowers, glitter paint, and lets not forget, ahem... crochet needles and yarn. i rarely go in there- but on the few occasions that i go- i usually wait in line for about 10 minutes- hmph!
so i get home and i open up the book i bought last night, open my new needles and yarn and start going at it. ehm- what happens next... i'm fiddling adn thing jsut don't look right. :( i decide i don't need to learn how to crochet a square- i decide i can jsut go ahead and jsut crochet "in the round". i go around and around... i have no clue what i'mdoing, but finally, i poke my finger through and it makes a little beanie for my finger! looks a bit like little finger rastafari... cute! i'm feeling hopefull cos i'm thinking this can surely be the trunk to my little crochet elephant.... once i learn how to knit the body. :) practice makes perfect you know! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

put on hold, intructional books and peru! :)

today at work- it was a bit kooky- but tmrw is wednesday- that means it's almost friday and that means the weekend is here! yahoo! :)
today during my lunchy, i did some investigatin' for car insurance. with calling- of course, comes waiting and horrible "hold" tunes. after a while, i started making up my own song to the tunes. i decided to silly doodle while i waited- after about 15 minutes, i got all my info and was ready to hurry back to work.
after work i drove to barnes and noble. i got a really cute crochet book fro christmas- to make these super cute little dollies- but ehm... i'm a total little dink when it comes to crocheting anything more complicated than a single chain. after going thru the book, i was disappointed to find out that you can't make a cute little elephant out of one long stringy chain! so i went to find a very easy "how to " book. i considered gettign kniting and crocheting for idiots guide- then i even considered buying a childrens how to book- which looked pretty idiot proof, but i felt i didn't need to go that low in the brains scale.... (i'm hoping i won't have to go back! ) heheh. :) i'm excited to learn though. :) what wonderful little gifts those would make! :)
this weekend i also want to start my weddign dress for my 2nd reception. this weekend i wll be crocheting and doing soem draping for my dress. i'm so excited- we'll be going to wisco in the summer. i want ot wear my little handmade brown italian sandals, the lace dress i'm planningon making and a little crown of strung together flowers- preferebaly purple or white.. little miniature daisies perhaps? :) YAY!
i also found out that i will be a bridesmaids at my brothers wedding early next year... IN PERU!!! yowza! time to save up some dough- i want to visit macho picchu while there. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

introducing my pappish, lily!

ok- here is a little vid and drawing of what went down at griffith park last weeknd. it took me forever to do the post cos i hadn't drawn out lily and the rattlesnake that we found. sadly- this was not caught on video. and as you can also see- four legged creatures aren't my specialty. :) hehehe. but lily was so cute! she did nothing but crinkle her eyeborwsand looked a bit confused. she behaved herself and we (cutie & i) walked swiftly to safety- lily incuded. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

fun little piccies.

here are seom pics that came from my first batch of fishy-film. :) on top is me and cutie. there is little old me in pisa... a little skeleton late-nihgt munching on a cheese burger and my best friend annite and i at a holloween party. we both went as day of the dead- she's more the traditional, i'm more of the sugar-skull ilk. :) jsut a quick post to put up pics. i wanyt a diana camera!!!! that will be my next buy! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year! :)

here's the little vid we made. :)

tea & a new years day bike ride...

here is the cute little tea posy that my best friend bought me for christmas. i decided to open it up and give the little flowers a try. it was absolutely tasty. :) i love flower flavored teas. a teaspoon of sugar and it definteily put me in cozy mode! :) after breakfast and tea- cutie and i got dressed and decided to take our new bikes out for a new years day bicycle ride. we also shot a little movie so we can send to his parents in wisco. a little short 3 minute movie- it was fun... i liked it! :) once i figure it out- i'll put it up in a post. :)