Monday, January 26, 2009

my little uke and i

i had originally wanted to post this on saturday- but our compuy went a bit crazy for 2 days ans now it' sback up- yahoo! :) i'll admit, i ahven't been as dedicated to my littel uke as when i first opened it up. i practiced my little fingers sore and until i was able to play "mary had a little lamb" with aaaaalmost not having to look... i then had a lessson with a great teacher! he gave me tips and ideas that would help me.. then, all of a sudden, as soon as he left, my little uke (which i ahve yet to name) hadn't been played until last wednesday. i picked it up and dusted her (or him) off and began to play...

i ahd a doctors appt so i was able to spend a bit more time after i woke up to fiddle with ukey. this coming sunday i have another lesson. it's a friend of my borthers and he teaches guitar. he also does ukelele. considering i pay him in juice from the convenient store accross the street, imust admit-he's the best deal that i've found all year! :)

doodling my posts is a bit time consuming, but i have grown quite fond of it. :) it gets me drawing, which was somethign i hadn't been doing in quite soem time- so it's waking my eyes and hands up, this, i like. and i know i'm still ntohte best at posting, but i think i have been a bit more consistant than before.

cutie and i went to a bridal faire this past sunday- the mc said he needed some grooms-to-be to participate. my sister an i were absolutley terrible and as i was waving my arm and pointing to my little cutie, i took it a step further and i began to scream, hoot and hollar. the mc had no choice to notcie us and my cutie was chosen to "perform"!!! - more to come after i draw... how i love my little cutie- what a good sport he is!!! xoxoxo!

Monday, January 19, 2009

oh that goes in there... in where???

friday night i went to the Eygptian Theater in Hollywood. Cutie and i went to go see a Richard Dreyfuss movie called, "Inserts". the film was rather interesting. half nakey and full nakey ladies pretty much thru out the whole film with a few nakey boy bits tossed into the mix every now and then. there was also a very young Bob Hoskins (it ws his first film role). if you're into 20's porn- this is definitely a fetish cult classic... or if your into light strangulation... yum! (just kidding)...

the director and two of the supporting actors were there at the screening and did a q&a after the film. you can see some of the vids on the Dear Old Hollywood blog.

we took some pics outside of the theater. i went ahead and doodled me against the wall. one of my favorite terms that were taught to me in elementary school was the term "artistic license" -- heheh. :) so, if you've ever been to the eygptian theater, you might notice the wall isn't exactly accurate- but it think it's good enough to get the picture across. :)

outfit details- handpainted silk scarf- aLou original, red 3/4 sleeve turtleneck-express, black hoodie- express, dull charmeuse mushroom pleated dress with beaded lace bodice- vintage, electric blue tights, nordstrom

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i closed one eye and put my pencil up for measurement...

today i decided to put a drawing up instead of a picture. we don't have a scanner, so it leaves me to have to download pics of pics off my camera sometimes- eh. i'll live. this was drawn about 2 or 3 days ago when i was waiting for my cutie to get off the darn compy! ( all i wanted was some snuggles...) but he was busy doing his own blog, which i highly encourage. but still, i was bored and left with nothign to do as he did some research for his dear old hollywood.

i like to draw, but rarely do. i sometimes ask cutie to pose, but i'm not sure if he's all that keen on the idea of him sitting in one position for too long. i'm almost tempted to pay on some weekend workshops to draw. then i stop myself and think, i have a perfectly able boy who lives with me, why spend 10 dollars? so i took this as an op to play it sneaky and i sat behind him while he typed away and began doodling. it's pen and color pencil. i prefer chalk. but since i spent a load on this huge box of prismacolor pencils- i thought it worthwhile to make some use of the poor neglected pencils. sharpening i went! i thikn i'll start drawing more random, everyday things.

i showed cutie the next day and he said he was impressed and started laughing and said, "see honey- now that's real life!" bah, i think it was his way of trying to make it ok that i was cuddle-deprived in that time of doodling. ;) but i msut admit, i am an absolute cuddle brat. i want cuddles all the time. but jsut because i admit to it, doesn't mean i thikn it's wrong and that i'll stop. i have not had to join cuddlers annonymous or go to "snuggle" parties - so i think, for his sake, i'm still ok.

yes, drawing i will be this weekend... now if only i can get my little cutie to sit for me... oh please! (this blog should serve as a hint to him!) ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009

new year = new posts!

Alrighty- i know i've been a bit crap on wrtiign blogs- what's wrong with me?? i'll tell you what's wrong with me... i'm a bit of a lzy littel bunny when it comes to gettin' on the compy for longer than 10 minutes.

but it's a new year and so all must be forgiven, correct? yes, i thought so. so what have i done in this oh so new year?? well, i have now taught myself how to play "twinkle twinkle", "ode to joy" and "mary had a little lamb" on my ukelele (thank you robby) which i can easily say was one of my fave x-mas gifts...considering that i've been wanting one for about 2 years... my fingers are now being contorted into all sorts of painful little notes and chords. i want to learn to play well and then i can sing with a high pitched voice and dance around at the same time.

i also finally took my overlock machine to ge tfixed, the tstrings were wrong- ehehhe... i never said i was a pro! the guys at MAYHALLS in la cresenta stringed it up for me for free. they're always very helpful there. if you need any help with your machine or are interested in buying a new one, i'd go there. they also offer beginner classes in sewing. so now, i can make soem knits.. will i? i hope so- might as well get soem use out of that little machine! i DID make soem curtains this weekend, forgot to take a picture of them. eh!

oh yes, i almost forgot to write about why i put up the vintage wedding dress pattern from VOGUE. last night i started sketching out some ideas for my dress. it will be heavily influenced by Robby's grandmothers dress. She got married in 1937 and the dress was to die for! i took a load of pics and started sketchin' around. (i'm not using the vogue pattern shown above) it was jsut to mention the wedding.. yes, yes, the better bloggin should be part of my new year rez. hope everyone had a great one! :)