Wednesday, May 26, 2010

quick update...

ok- so i saw this fabric and picked it up- wasn't sure if i should use it or not- but then decided that it should be an easy (ha!) little ditty for my 4 day weekend. here is a quick sketch of the dress that i'm hoping to finish by monday. i think i will most likely have to go to my favorite little sewing shop to get a quick lesson on how to restring my overlock machine- but, well, i have to learn sooner or later- and what better day to do it than on a day off!?? :) what do you think?

*the fabric print shown above is copyrighted. ;)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

everything in it's place...and i can't find a thing!!!

on saturday cutie couldn't handle all the fabric around anymore- he took me to ikea and he bought a little cubby bookshelf to keep all of my fabric in. once he put it together and i put my stuff in- he was SO happy to have space and not have to look at the "mess". he is one for tidiness... and i am... well... i would call myself and "organized mess" kind of person. :) hehehe. as i was putting everything away- i found all these cute possible combinations. i'm DETERMINED to make at the least- 1 garment this weekend. whether it's a skirt or dress (i prefer a dress) above is a pic of my new fabric cubbies... thank you cutie for helping me get organized! cuddles to you!
it looks orange here- but the solid is a pink linen like fabric. :) floral print is a challis. * teh floral print fabric is copyrighted ;)
i want to make my 2nd reception dress out of this. i think want the darker gold velvet for the accent- but i love the stripe lace- very early 1900's i think- i want to wear flowers in my hair. :)
i was looking for a solid white fabric i have that i want to use for the accents for this- but now that everything is in it's place- of course i can't find diddly squat! but i did find this cute stripe that i think would go cute with the mini green and white houndstooth print. :)

i can't wait for my long weekend! i will get something finished... or i will give myself a bad talking to! (and no cookies for a week!) note to cynthia- if i don't follow through this weekend- i give you full permission to give me a scolding too!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

soon to be etsy goodies...

tonight cutie is away so i decided to do something to surprise him... i decided to be a domesticated wifey and do the laundry i was thinking of maybe doing the dishes, but i didn't want him to have a heart attack- so those can wait... :)

before i decided to be wifey- i tried taking some new pics for my Beaton Branson Etsy shop. unfortunately- the lighting in our mini- apartment is the pits! we have 1 major light source- everything else are little lamps. i will have to get some pictures done on the weekend. i really need to get a move on my little shoppy-shop- poor thing has been a ghost town and has been completely neglected. here is a pic of some shoes that i will be putting up... and a dress that i attempted to take pics of- but didn't quite finish due to the lighting. these will be put up by Friday night or Saturday morning.

vintage Trotter Leather Weaved Oxfords - size 10 - $22

vintage R&K Knits- For Girl Who Knows Clothes- M/L - $25

it actually says that on the tag- thought that was kind of cute- for the girl who knows clothes, hehe. :) i still need to take more detailed pics- but here it is with a little close up of a little snag above the 2nd button (pic on the right). well- that's it for the quick post- my little baby zins are growing splendidly since the last pic below! :) hope everyone has a wonderful friday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

the zinnia's are all a sprout!

last weekend i planted some little zinnia and marigold seedlings. i had cutie help me move the television out of the way of our "patio" so i can get started on my little garden. we moved figaro (my figgy tree) over and planted my little seedlings. here they are on day six. the red foldgers jar is sprouting up a storm and the tin pot seems to be taking its sweet little 'ol time... grRRRuff- but all good things come to those who wait i suppose.

although the weather was great- i spent most of the weekend feeling a bit sickies. :( saturday i went for a morning walk and heard a strange bird... i stopped to look up in teh tree and was surprised to see that the squabbling culprit was infact a little squirrel- staring me striaght inthe face! i didn't know that squirrels made such noises! he was holding onto a brnach and looking right at me- again- he squabbled and i saw his little throat gobble up and down. sincehe was giving me soem squirrly lip- i decided to keep walking. on the walk- i had another 6 squirrel sightings. after a walk with the squirrels, we went to a bbq and to the first cemetery screening- the wizard of oz! it was a bit chilly but it was great to see it up big on my dearest valentinos mausoleum.

sunday i spent most of the day being sluggish trying to sleep to avoid my neck pain but as an early bird, i can only stay in bed for so long before i start getting ansty. still feeling a bit icky and i don't really want to go into work tmrw- but i suppose i have to, meh! so, for those who have to go to work ... or are lucky and get to stay home- here's to a happy monday to you all! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

oldies but goodies...

One of the things i love MOST is vintage jewelry... i might even say if i saw a super awesome dress and a super awesome ring... i'd DEFINETLY go for the ring. reason being- if i see a really awesome dress...i'm not the best at sewing.. but if i reeeeeally wanted to, i can make something similar. but jewelry... i know i would never be able to duplicate some of these pieces and i have definitely kicked myself more than a few times for passing up some gorgeous vintage jewelry. even better than finding an amazing piece is when one is passed down to you. :) so here are some of my favorite pieces- some passed down to me and some bought. :)

flamingo necklace=out of the closet, alligator and silver leaf hair barrette=online find, gold leaf and grapevine cross=my great grandmothers :) , mam owl and baby owl necklace (little baby owl detaches :)= from my sissy Igs, silver floral belt buckle (needs to be shined)= my grandmother, wind up watch necklace= ventura vintage find, little vile bracelet= ventura vintage find.

double moon jem bracelet=ventura vintage find, silver onyx bracelet=passed down from Sherry :), gold and pearl plate bracelet=ventura vintage find, rings: 50's cocktail ring, brown topaz ring, gold topaz ring=ventura vintage find, bronze flower ring=out of the closet, gold circle high school ring= my mama. :)
silver stretch bracelet=ventura vintage find, silver diamond cuff bracelet= great grandmother, handbeaded pearl collar (slightly falling apart :)=estate sale

...last but not least, brown topaz gold necklace (i thought it was made in india, but it's stamped made in spain, who knew!:)= ventura vintage find and here is a full pic of my little chain bracelet with flower vile attached (when you open it, it has a little mini spoon atchd- ehehhehe)=ventura vintage find. :)

do you guys have a special lucky piece that you found or perhaps that was passed down??? i wanna see. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010 show...

i know these pics probably downloaded a bit strangely- but i'm not blog genius as you can see. :)october, cutie and i had bought tickets to see them- we thought it would be the cherry on top to our wedding weekend... it would've been had we not passed out from all the wedding business whirlwind that we got caught up in! i had even reminded myself the day before thinking in my head what i would wear, alas, that night, i wore my pajamas. SO, last tuesday, the cutie and i went to the dr. dog show at the henry fonda theater. minus a giant who worked his way infront of me during the show- who insisted on having his arms raised and hi-fiving people throughout the show, the show itself was great! :)
they sang all the songs from their new album and i shuffled my little feet in dance with teh crowd. dr. dog is one of my favorite bands right. there are two main singers- one has a small, gentle little boy voice. (he's the one wearing the shades). the other singer has a more raspy manly voice that can range from sad beautiful drawls- to upbeat singing with some good throaty howls. it's the kind of music, that when i listen to, it makes me close my eyes and just daydream. the lyrics to their songs capture certain memories and feelings that i've had before. they're lyrics and voices makes me playback seconds of a song, just to hear their voice fade or howl a certain way. this was my third time seeing them and cant' wait for them to come back. i can't pick a favorite song or album of theirs, it's just to difficult. if i were to mention one, i'd be leaving out another that i feel is just as great but in a different way. i'm not that great at describing music to people- as i find my self with a loss for words and all i end up saying is, "Trey are soooo good, oh my god, their voices, the way he sings this one word... i love them, they are so good!" so- are two vids that i found on youtube...