Sunday, October 31, 2010

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN... said the fox.

ok- first off- i just have to say, that i absoultely love shadow shots- maybe it's because you can make things that sometimes are not real... look real! :) take for instance me and cutie in the picture above- do we not look like cute little foxes frolicking on the streets? :) inspiration of course was the film- The Fantastic Mr. Fox. :) well this is how that came about...

first- we obviously needed ears- these were my first ears that i cut out- i thought they looked a bit like ears and a bit like a strange colored flames... i wanted to be a happy fox- not a fox on fire! :(

here i am unsuccessfully modeling said fire flame ears... those didn't work- so lets move on for now.

me being the mrs in the realtionship- meant i had to get meself a yellow dress with apples on it. hmmm... i did find yellow with apples- but it also had bees on it- soOOoo no. so me being ever optimistic- thought- i could hand paint my own fabric... suRrrRRrrE- no problem!

i bought a piece of rubber and carved out little apple stencil... draped a pattern, then graded it (which i'm very proud of- cos it was my first time grading from a drape to my size and it actually fit first go around! :) - a little snips here and there...

bought some fabric paint and press-o, presto- apple fabric galore! :) i did think the apples were a little large and it reminded me a bit of a teachers art smock- so i decided to stop with the apples. apples on the bodice would do- after all- this is just a costume, it just needs to get the effect of a character- doesn't need to be exaaAaaaAActly, right??? at least thats what cutie kept telling me... and he was right!

and here we are! :) we went to the dia del los mueartos celebration at the hollywood forever cemetary it was faboo! :) met up with some friends and a grand time was had (until i dropped my camera- but i'll leave that story for later. :(

cutie was freaking out about not having ears for his costume, so the ears i literally cut out- hot glued and pinned to my and cuties head five minutes before we left the apratment- they seemed to work. :) people at the cemetary seemed to like our costume- we weren't dressed for day of the dead- but thats ok- i did that last year. kids would smile and wave at us and a man took a picture of us and said he thought we looked great and would put it online... we would see people smile and look at us and we even got- "oh look! the fantastic mr and mrs fox!" :) so the costumes worked! :) i made a little artbelt to carry around my paint brushes- which came in handy cos then i didn't have to carry a purse! :)

after the cemetary we went to theater 68's haunted house- this is run be- of course, actors and they have some awesome special effects as you're walking through- collapings / sliding walls- secret pop out scare holes- holy shnikes this thing was scary!!! EN SERIO! i was holding on for my dear life on to cuties arm- walking along with him as close to him as if we were siamese twins- aheheehe! it was totally creepy! if any of you guys are in the hollywood area- i totally recommend going! :) it's on sunset- $10- google them- it was awesome! my poor sissy came out in a cold sweat poor thing. :( (hehehehe) :) as we were walking (me pushing cutie- trying to run) one of the actors recognized who were were and in a very menacing tone cried out- "you better run fast mr. fox!" ahahaha!

did anyone else make their costumes? happy halloween everyone! :)