Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i finally finished my painting! :) i titled it "Friday Night". sometimes, well a lot of times for me lately- Friday night isn't about going to club- yelling over noise and boozing it up. it's more about coming home to my Cutie, relaxing and maybe going out to dinner and enjoying a nice glass of wine or a cocktail at  home. working on projects that i've set for myself, reading, drawing, etc. i guess i've just gone back to my homebody ways. it's just who i am i suppose.  :)

 and well- settling back nicely into my
homebody ways, i've started a new bloggy! my beaton branson blog i feel is a bit of a mish-mash of too many things- so i will keep this blog just for daily babble, pictures that i take around my town and art projects. me new blog: ONE-TWO-THREE-FROCK will be my journey on pattern making and of course- sewing myself up some frocks to wear! :)
i'm going to try to make 1 pattern a week- and then the following week hopefully, little by little- finish sewing it up after work. i will also have current little oddball crafts that i always get obsessed about.. and then i forget about- then get newly obsessed about... what can i say, it happens! :) so i hope to see you guys at my new bloggy and back here too!

hope everyone is feeling crafty around the holidays!

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Robby Cress said...

Your skirt turned out great! Love the print too.