Tuesday, April 26, 2011

love life

wow- haven't written in quite some time, but here i am, back in the blog world. :) it's been so busy lately at home. with work, class and homework, my time spent at home is either on the computer or spent trying to "rest".

even though i'd rather be crazy busy doing other things, i've jsut been really happy lately. :) there are soem new and exciting things going on in my personal life and i'm just really excited aand happy for the future. i love my family, i love my little cutie of a husband and i just love my life. i'm happy. are any of you guys extra happy??? what makes you happy? :)

just a few piccies from peru and one back in the burbs of the bank! :)

 in peru with cutie in one of peru's best buffet places to wine and dine in! :)
 my fabulous brother, me, cutie, and my new sissy!

 after my brothers wedding- this was no "regular" wedding. it was like an awesome party mardi gra wedding- minus the flashing for beads- you got those for free from a court jester! :)
me and cutie at macchu!

 the day after we came back in peru, it snowed in burbank!!! :)

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