Sunday, September 28, 2008

she opened my eyes...

alrighty- look above and you can see the wonderful world of kip! :) i met this magical little fairy girl thru Pulp People when i was about 17. the first letter i ever rcvd, i had to face my fear of glitter to even open the envelope. as a child, my parents never let us have glitter and told us it could get into our eyes and slice our eyes each time we blinked. with this, until i met kip, i was deathly afraid of these brightly colored chips. i considered not ever opening it, but there was something about this letter- perhaps the quickly chopped jarvis head that was pasted by my name and the mysterious script that made me open it.

i went to the bathroom and thought the only safe place to open this letter was over the toilet. i turned the letter over and the tape that was used to seal it was sprinkled with the little rainbow eye killers. when i opened it and unfolded teh letter, i was rigth to open it over the toilet. glitter poured out of the envelope and the letter. i held the letter with my fingertips at each corner.

while reading the letter, i read everything about myself. her favorite pulp song was a b-side, mile end, same as mine. her favorite actors at the time, gary oldman and isabella rossellini were also shared by me. out of nowhere, this complete stanger, miles away scribbled down all of her likes and dislikes, all the same as my own. i slowly put the letter down and saw the pool of pink, blue and purple glitter that sparkled as it lazily swirled around in the toilet. it was meant for us to meet- i was sure of it.

we remained penfriends for years. she would send me letters, littered with glitter, star stickers, jarv cutouts and her glorious pen drawings. in the pulp packages, she send me gifts, mixed tapes of rare jarvis interviews and old import magazines that she had hunted down online. all of her letters, drawings and crafts were perfect mismatch art.

in april of last year, i drove up north to see her. we drove to san fran to watch Jarvis perform at the fillmore. after years of loving this man- we finaly saw him in the flesh! he was the man who had originally brought us together.

around the same time that we had seen jarv, i drove back up with my mother to visit my dearest little kip. we spent the day together and she gave me something that i hold as one of my favorite possesions. she gave me her handmade Pulp /Jarv Scrapbook. page after page, it's perfect creativity. feathers, stickers, drawings, collages. i look thru this book every couple of months or so and am reminded everytime of the Magic of Kip!

i love you vim!

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