Thursday, October 2, 2008

inspiration galore!!!!

this will be a pretty un-inspiring blog, seeing that there are no picky-tures to accompany, but, i'm telling you dear people.. that TODAY, i'm so in love with life and everything in it! :)

...maybe it was the pale young gentleman cd i was listening to, maybe it's teh skirt i'm wearing today... my inspirsation wall at work? myabe it's all the log reading i've een doing on my lunch break... no, it was earlier than my lunch break- it was while i was feeding my two dear pups this morning that i felt so happy. :)

whilse driving to work, i was car dancing and at a red light, i felt the need to tell my boyfriend that i loved him and i sent him little kisses over the phone. cheesy, some might say yes, ut eh! as liam lynch would say, "whateva!" :)

yesterday i also found out soem very exciting news about my sissy.... i hsould spill the beans too soon, so i shall keep quiet.

at work last week, i got a load of free clothes, they were kinda cleaning out and getting rid of a lot of stuff. i grabbed a lot of stuff for my mom and sisters- out of EVERYTHING i grabed, i only found about 6 things for me that i would actually wear and some stuff that i miiiiiiiight wear to one of my motherrs functions, but not exaclty my tatse, but it's "pretty & sensible" something my mother adores.

anway- maybe it was this also that has got me so inspired, after trying on about 50 dresses (keeping the 6) i was itchin' to jsut seriously throw out all of hte clothes in my closet and jsut start anew! my boyfriend Robby was a sweetheart and saw a little "how to" book on making skirts. it has a few simple designs, but it's a cool ook, cos it tells you exactly how to do it, no patterns required, jsut fabric, fabric shears, a tape measure and a sewing machine. i myself have NEVER made anyhtign withuot draping, making patterns, hten making it once more to check the pattern and THEN making the actual garment. maybe that's a reason i've been so horrible about making anything. it's so much work! :P but i'm excited and i'm feelin' fresh and all jived up about this new clothes thing. :)

for the wisco trip...i leave in 17 days!!!! (yikes! gogin to see teh trees change colors for a week and meetin' the mans fam- double yikes!) Little juliet is determined to make at least 1 dress and 1 skirt for wisco. and i think i can take 2 of the dresses i got from work. i want to wear all dresses when i go. i like dresses and skirts, i def have to build my collection! and i thikn i will surely start up on makin' my own collection. hmmm..that should be an early resoultion.. not to spend so much on clothes- i DO have a ton of fabric at home and i DO have 2 workin' machines now... and we ARE (wether the news admits it officially or not) in a recession... yes. this is gogin to be it for me. little jules will make at the least (maybe more, (yeah right!)) items of clothign evry 2 weeks... i mean, hey, i DO have a job ya' know! ;)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (that means, total and utter exciting times.)


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