Thursday, February 5, 2009

eaaaaaaaasy going....

ok- so i've fallen back into my old ways again and i haven't written, cos i haven't drawn- then i thought to myself- am i not going to write until i have a new drawing up everytime??? although a picture would be nice to have every post- sometimes, i don't find the time to draw. i should've taken a pciture of the annoying gas lady from whom i bought gas for my car yesterday!

my job has a new poilcy that everyone MUST be in by 9am and they fax over the catering menu requests at 9 sharp every morning. so here i am running (fairly on time) but i look at my little gas gauge and i notice i need some-- in a mjor way! so i stop at the gas station that was on the way to the freeway. i think i'm doing good on time if i get in and out smoothly- this is how "smoothly" tends to go in my world:

me: hi, can i have $15 on 10 please?
agl: 10 dollars?
me: no, $15 on ten please.
agl: ok, swipe your card
(swipe, enter pin register opens)
agl: here you go (passes me $15)
me: (a bit confused) hmmm... what's this for?
agl: you asked for $15.
me: no i didn't- i asked for 15 on ten.
agl: you didn't ask for cash back?
me: no- i never asked for cash back. (mind you, this is starting to take some time and i'm trying to go "in and out").
me: you know, that's alright- here, just take this 15 and put it on 10.
agl: i have to see what i did, gimme teh reciept.
me: no, really, that's alright, just put it on 10 and we'll be good.
agl: well, are you good with your bank?
me: WHAT?
agl: are you ok with your bank that i took out $25?
me: why did you take out 25? i said 15 on ten.
agl: i thought you said 15 cash back and i put $10 on 11. so, is it ok with your bank that i took so much out? do you have enough in your account?
me: what? i never even asked for cash back. you know what- just give me back the 15 and i'll drive to pump # 11 and just put 10 dollars in.
agl: are you sure- i can change if you need me to.
me: no, really, that's fine.
agl: ok, thank you. sorry.
me: that's fine, no worries. (as i grab my cash and run in my car, pull over to the next pump and i get $10 worth of gas... and lets not forget my $15 cash back.)

why? argh! this is actually the 3rd time the same lady has messed up. the last time i asked for a fuel injection cleaner and $15 on 3. she said "ok" and passed me the fuel injector cleaner and i went on my way. i pumped a little less than $13. i went in and told her, the gas stopped at 13- i asked for 15. she said, "yeah, but the fuel injection cleaner..." LADY! argh! why must she work this shift??? i guess i have to go to the next gas station across the street. (unless i want more sienfeld scenarios to fill my days).

a picture will soon follow - 2/10, picture has followed! :)

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Robby Cress said...

Hopefully no more Seinfeld scenarios. Can't wait to see what your next drawing is! Or should I be nervous? :0