Monday, January 26, 2009

my little uke and i

i had originally wanted to post this on saturday- but our compuy went a bit crazy for 2 days ans now it' sback up- yahoo! :) i'll admit, i ahven't been as dedicated to my littel uke as when i first opened it up. i practiced my little fingers sore and until i was able to play "mary had a little lamb" with aaaaalmost not having to look... i then had a lessson with a great teacher! he gave me tips and ideas that would help me.. then, all of a sudden, as soon as he left, my little uke (which i ahve yet to name) hadn't been played until last wednesday. i picked it up and dusted her (or him) off and began to play...

i ahd a doctors appt so i was able to spend a bit more time after i woke up to fiddle with ukey. this coming sunday i have another lesson. it's a friend of my borthers and he teaches guitar. he also does ukelele. considering i pay him in juice from the convenient store accross the street, imust admit-he's the best deal that i've found all year! :)

doodling my posts is a bit time consuming, but i have grown quite fond of it. :) it gets me drawing, which was somethign i hadn't been doing in quite soem time- so it's waking my eyes and hands up, this, i like. and i know i'm still ntohte best at posting, but i think i have been a bit more consistant than before.

cutie and i went to a bridal faire this past sunday- the mc said he needed some grooms-to-be to participate. my sister an i were absolutley terrible and as i was waving my arm and pointing to my little cutie, i took it a step further and i began to scream, hoot and hollar. the mc had no choice to notcie us and my cutie was chosen to "perform"!!! - more to come after i draw... how i love my little cutie- what a good sport he is!!! xoxoxo!

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Robby Cress said...

You're getting pretty good on the uke! Great drawing :)