Friday, November 6, 2009

i'm backeth...

:) howdy all- ok- i'm back from all the wedding craziness! is til lahve my thank you cards to write out- but that will be done once my sissy finishes my painting- it's coming along SO fantastic! i cna't wait to hear back the comments i get from it.. and i will also of course post it up on the blog as well.

ok- this saturday is my first meet with my sissy igs so we can work on our "projects". we need to help motivate eachother with our art. we'll meet twice a month. every monday i' msupposed to meet with my dearest litel anntie so we can do the same. i NEED to get going on all my stuff- dear lordy.. next year.. gulp.. dare i say it- i'll be 30 and haven't even really started my stuff! i don't want to work for people my whole life- i want to be free to work as i please on my own creative kicks. for that though, we need money off my creative kicks.. for that- i need to work hard (woe is me!) :)

but that's ok. no pain, no gain, right? i'm determined to follow through on the list i wrote below. i need to get going! here are a few pics of the big day and the day after- breakfast at my mummies and the opening of presents... my personal fave! :)
- argh! jsut tried addinhg more pics u- but it wouldn't let me. :( eh! you ahve a wedding shot at least! :) todles noodles!

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