Wednesday, August 26, 2009

38 days...

hmm... 38 more days until ze' big day! :) i would like to personally thank my cutie robby who made my lunchy snadwich today. turkey with swiss- scrumptious! here is a little sketch i made durin g my lunch break i usuually take infron of my compy. it has a very poor rendition of:

- my hello kitty lunch bag (a birthday gift for my 12th birthday)
- my tink mug ( thanks to Michelle, my lovely boss) - i rarely drink hot drinks with food- but i felt like being a grandma today.
- my 1/2 turkey-wich- yummers
-quick sketch of my man buster (he deserves much more than a 5 second doodle, but i did want to add him in, as i was thinking of him otday during my lunch break.)

there is so much to say- i cna't even fit it into a lunch break! but well, lets; give a quick round-up: i need to find my wedding shoes! ack! iahte shoe shopping! i'm very much a giddy little bunny- with the countdown... i want to make a doll... OooH lets see- lets make a lsit of things i want to accomplish within the first year of marriage- here it goes:

1. actually put some sort of etsy shop.
2. make a secret doll (can't tell you of what- in fear of peeps be stealing me ideas... what peeps? who evene reads this- ahehehehhee!)
3. make more dough!
4. learn to cook my mama's tasty yellow spaghetti and her recipe for chicken noodle soup for my cutie.
5. start using all the fabric that is in our living room!!! (i.e. make clothes = sewing= ech!;oP)
6. ride my bike on the weekends / get up to go walking / jogging- some sort of daily exercise routine...
7. have at the least 1 drawing a month.
8. and last but certainly not least.. be a SpEcTaCuLar little wifey for my cutie! :)

hmm.. thisreads somewhat like a new years resolutions list, but eh- whateva's! :) oh yeah, and also try to put some time into scrapbooking- ahehehee- or else all that money gone to waste on all those darn supplies! :)

toodles noodles!

(i'm so gossip girl!) ahahaha

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