Sunday, April 4, 2010

manon of the spring

first off- happy easter to all! :) this weekend was pretty busy. we had a yard sale on saturday and today we had an easter lunchy with the family. cutie and i saw Jean de Florette / Manon of the Spring, directed by Claude Berri. it's actually two separate movies that go together. in a nutshell, Jean de Florette is about a family who is run out of their house because some town scoundrels shut off their water (a natural spring). to be honest, i stopped watching the first film cos i felt bad for the optimistic little hunchback, played by Gerard Depardieu- all he wanted was to raise rabbits and plant his vegetable garden. but as i said, i stopped watching- those scoundrels were absolutely wretched! hmph!

i did stick around for the second part, Manon of the Spring. this one i absolutely loved- so much in fact that i drew the main character, Manon- played by Emmanuelle Beart. she is the hunchbacks daughter (who unfortunately died in the first part) and she lives in a little shack in the woods and lives off the land. it's rather dreamy as she just roams the wilderness all day with her goats. takes naps under trees, bathes in a natural spring by the caves, and sets traps to catch birdies. in this film she has grown into a pretty little lady (the first film shows her as a young girl).

hmm... as i said, in a nutshell, she seeks revenge on the the 2 scoundrels and on the town who all knew that her papa was being tricked. i don't want to spoil too much of the story, but well, i just really liked the film. there are some twists that kind of make you go, "aaaAAaah!". there was another scene that i wanted to draw out- one of the scoundrels falls in love with our little Manon and attaches her hair ribbon to his chest, with a needle and thread - quite the romantic. i thought she was really natural and pretty. i really loved her dark eyebrows and her blue eyes, her wild blonde hair was always a perfect mess. she made me wish i was a shepherdess. for those of you who haven't watched teh film... do. :)

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Robby Cress said...

What a great film! And a wonderful drawing!