Tuesday, March 23, 2010

vandalisim by a digruntled muppet...

this is very strange. i woke up yesterday to find a smeared tomato on my poor little car! >:O<>

my apartment complex has a parking garage in the back- which i mean, you never see anyone out there unless they are leaving. the parking lot is not really a place that kids play- so i don't hitnk kids were playing a werid game of "lets catch the tomato" or anything. i park in between 1 sweet little old lady and 1 sweet little old man. i'm a pretty private and quiet person to my neighbors- all i do is smile and say hello to those who say it to me- and sometimes help my old lady neighbor with her groceries-- i'm literally an apartment neighbor saint!!! but apparently- someone thought it a brilliant idea to either toss or squish a tomato on my car!!!!

seriously people...C'MON! there are a few teenage kids in the apt- but i don't really think they'd be the type to mess around like that.... but if my car gets pelted with anythign else & if i catch the person who does it... i'm carrying a jar of pickle juice to throw at the naughty culprit!!!!

cutie said i should probably wash my car so the acid doesn't do anything to paint... great. if i catch you little brat--- pickle juice in the face for you!!!!

grrrrrRrRrrUFF!!! >:OP

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