Thursday, August 19, 2010

starting out and an oopsies moment!

ok- above is the first dress pattern that i've started working on. it's a vintage late 60's - early 70's pattern that i bought while antiquing in san pedro. i've never actually worked off patterns and was a little intimidated. sure i can drape a dress and scribble some symbols around and it works for me (not all the time.. ehhhehe) but i was a bit nervous about going off somethign that i think is so ehm.. final???? one good thing about this pattern- since it was used- all the pieces were already cut! :) that saved some time- one of the down sides to this- is well... i'm hardly a junior size 10 by todays standards (and for sure not by 70's standards!).
so after the first go around- i noticed i needed to add some extra to even fit this mock up around my ehm... curvalicious hips (hahaha1). after the second go around- i was now able to wiggle in and zip it up.. but well- the shape of the dress looked nothing like the little fun dress in the illustration- so my third move- which might be tonight- will be to add a bit more to the sides for more wiggle room and a bit more of an overall loose fun flared fit. lets see how this turns out. overall (so far at least) this pattern is pretty easy to work with- although i did have to get my sewing book out to remember some hand sewing stiches...

on to my "oopsies moment"- this is kind of embarassing to say the least... eh! i usually wear a pretty basic uniform to work- some sort of pants- a V or a scoop neck t-shirt and my mockies. i wear my mockies almost everyday. i've been a faithful user of mockies ever since i got my first pair about 2 years ago. there is one problem with mockies (at least in my experience). if you wear mentioned shoe almost everyday for work- they tend to (of course) wear out every 7-10 months. this mornig as i was telling cutie i needed new shoes... and him saying that no- i didn't need new shoes- that i have a load of them in the closet (this is true- but they are not of an everyday work shoe ilk). so i huffed around a bit (as any wifey would do when todl she shouldn't buy more shoes) i get over it and give cutie a kiss good bye and off to work i go!
ok. i'm walking up the steps to my office and what do i see when i reach the top of the stairs??? my big toe- saying hello to me!!! the little leather stitches had become undone- my little piggies wanted to explore and see the mess that is my office and i shoo-ed them away back into my mocky and ran to my office and closed the door!!! i showed my shoe to my co-worker and had told him about my morning convo with my cutie and he started laughing and said- "you SO know he's going ot htink you did that on purpose!" i was so embarassed! luckily, i remembered about some keds that i had thrown in the back of my car one day and thankfully i am able to wear these for the day (not considered appropriate) by my work dress code- but i thought it might be better than walking around with my little tootsies hanging out! and i just love how you can see my little mocky sun tan not to mention you can now see my little hide-away socks- le' sigh! needless to say--- hey cutie! guess who's getting new shoes this weekend! :) hehehe...

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