Tuesday, August 10, 2010

summer freckles and some projects...

summer is here- but thank goodness it's hasn't been crazy hot. i've never been one for the heat- for baking in the sun- i don't make a very good california girl... but the sun does bring out my freckles- not many- but a few came about after a day of playing pool volleyball- probably the most summer thing i will do this year. :)

the little book above is my sketchbook for the skecthbook project. :) my theme is "it will be fun, i swear". i kind of wish i had gone with my second thought and done "night time stories"- only because i would be abel to draw my dreams out- cos i usually have very vivd dreams that i remember every morning when i awake. the front cover is simple- but i thought it was appropriate- i like that the shadows are jsut about to hold hands... perhaps not knowing what they are getting into. i have about 6 months to finish the whole sketchbook- crossing my fingers!

and- as always.. i'm taking on way more projects than i can handle... other than teh sketchbook project- i also started a new dolly. :) she is smaller than teh first dolly i made- little hazel. i'm trying to make more detail on her face than what i did with hazel. i'm hoping she looks cuter once she has hair and a dress. :)

and here i have my workspace... office (for the cutie) / craft room (for me). we've fully moved in to our new place now- but i still need to add the finishing touches- aka... pictures of inspiration- all the fun little things i like to look at while i work. which brings about another reason why i took the pic above- i've saved my parents kitchen table!!! :) i took apart my art desk and i replaced it with our families old, heavy, wood kitchen table- if i had not taken it... it would've got picked up by strangers... i couldn't bare to think of it being owned by others- i nabbed it. too many fond memories with this table. from me learning to pour my own cup of milk - my brother making me burst into laughter and spitting out my lunch (not the cutest) :)- to me clearing off the whole table to turn it into a pattern / sewing table during college. a craft table it will be once again- i plan to have it for my children to take when they get homes of their own... hopefully they want it!!! :)

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Cynthia said...

I'm excited about your new doll and sketchbook project! I think I will soon sign up for sketchbook project too, and nab your second choice : ) Let's hope with all your extra space you will accomplish everything you have set out. I have the terrible jon now to go read through the rest of CA handbook-ugh...let's see an update soon