Saturday, September 25, 2010

morning sunrise...

saturday morning and the sun isn't quite up yet. i woke up at 430 in the morning and couldn't fall back to sleep. so i'm watching downtown 81. so far, its a bit slow... maybe i shouldn't judge the film quite so quick.

what is this little birdy looking at???

film review- it has very bad tunes and it has some pretty good tunes. mostly the acting is pretty, "meh." debbie harry looks of course like an angel, as she always does. it's on netflix streaming. i like the band who has a tall thin white man singing an an asian girl in red on drums and a few other bands/songs in the film... what do you think?

oh my! this little birdy is looking at you! :)

hope eveyone has a fabulous saturday!

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Cynthia said...

How lovely those pictures are! I can see that on a frame in someone's house : ) Having a HOT and Lovely weekend...not ready for the cold at all!