Thursday, September 30, 2010

this past weekend i went to the glendale paper fair with cutie. cutie can look for HOURS through old postcards- always researching and on the hunt for his blog. i on the other hand- can look for hours through old photgraphs. i like getting to know newly found friends from the past. best of all- i love when i can find pics of a ceratin group or family and see them change through the time. and i love, love, love when my new fround friends have written notes on their pics.

below is one of my favorite little darlings that i found. i found a few pics so i nabbed them all! :)

on the right- you see a cute smiling girl- on he back of the pick it reads, "she's 21. hazel eyes - brown hair- and is 5'10in." hmm.. i thought it was cute. maybe soemone was trying to play cupid and write her info on a pic... sooner or laterit looks like she found a sailor friend. :) she was a looker that would make any man happy.

here are more pics of little miss darling. :) look at the bottom riht hand pic... she is just so cute... and she played the ukey! i bet her voice was like a little birdy. :) girls like htese are the kind that inspired me to get a ukey.. my voice.. ehm... i'm sure my cutie would say it was like a little birdy! (lets not ask WHAT kind of birdy.... :)

and here- we see her with a group of friends. i was able to find some separate pics of her friends in the huge box that i attacked. i tried to kind of match the friends in order. the top right hand friend is on the top. :) the one below is in teh middle- and then litte miss darling is right below herself on the left hand side. :)

and looky here- i found friend # 2. i think she looks a little older and a bti more sophisto in the picture to the right. :)

i didnt' find friend # 1, but i did find another little girly. i like her int eh main picture- she looks very happy to be with this boy. :) i wonder if it was her boyfriend or jsut a boy who she had a crush on and was maybe very giddy to be able to snag a picture with him. :)

there were also many othe rpictures that i bought, but those i'lll post later. OH! at the same show , i bought my self the CUTEST ever little lamps! they are vintage german porcelain and on the stand of the lamps, there is a dancing girl. i found 2 of them- so they can be friends- they are in perfect condition! (thank you mama and papa cress and grandma and grandpa cress- it was bought with their birthday money! eheheh) they will go nicely on my new vanity that i also got for my birthday (thank you sissy!) i'll psot pictures of the lamps once i ahve my vanity up.

what do we have here? one last final forgotten memory... i found this in the same box, i found this western union telegram... perhaps a secret rendevous and it loks like they might've had a few!

do you guys have any favorite vintage pics? are they your own family or also found new friends???


vagabondshoes said...

I love vintage photos, but my favorites will always be my family's, I love seeing how my grandparents and parents used to live, and I think it is a beautiful reminder of one's heritage and history.

these are so beautiful! and so classic looking! I wish I had a scanner to I could blog my own :)

Zinnia Cress said...

Hi Vagabondshoes! :) yeah, i have to beg my papa to let me see our families vintage photgraphs- he thinks i'm going to sneak them away- which i probably would. :) we have a scanner, but i think its sometimes easier to jsut take pictures of the pictures and post. :)

Tilly said...

Hi Zinnia, thanks for your comment on my blog - I found the pattern at the bottom of a pile of old nonsense in an antiques shop, and it was only the other day when catching up with Mad Men that I realised Betty Draper was wearing the same suit!
I love these pictures and the telegram - what amazing finds! I especially love the photo of the goggle-eyed girl - I think you're right, she's got a crush on that boy and can't contain herself hehe!

SOFIA said...


Joanna Pass said...

Hi Zinnia, what a cool blog (but then what else can you expect from a Jarv fan!) I particularly love the yard sale dress:)