Monday, March 19, 2012

dusting off some pink fairy sprinkles...

dear lordy! it's been almost a year since i've posted! here i am getting all miffed when my favorite blogs don't post, but i suppose i'm not the best at posting myself, am i? as Lucy Ricardo would say,"WEEEEEELL" or is it Ethel Mertz that usually says that? maybe they both do. :)

anyhoo- some major exciting news and perhaps one of the main reasons i haven't really been to up to date with the bloggy world is because i was working on a very special personal "project". Project being... well, a little munchkin! YES, Cutie and i have a bun in the oven and she is just about fully baked! :) her due date has come and gone, but she is still within the safe,"two week after due date" period. Oooooh! but i can't wait to have her out so i can hold my little babbish, i'm sorry, OUR little babbish in my arms! :)

Cutie trying to bribe little Hazel out with kisses...

During this long almost year bloggy hiatus, we have been prepping for baby, going to our Bradley Method classes, converting our craft / office space into a nursey and i've been up to my eyes in reading baby books for the past year and have made it to the end of pretty much all of them. the nursery is ready, all it is missing is our little munchkin... and we are having a baby girl munchkin! EEeeeeEee! how exciting! i can't wait! :) she will be the first grand daughter in the Bermeo house and the first grandchild in the Cress house! yeah, she's pretty special and i'm sure will be pretty darn cute! :) i can't wait to dress her up as Snow White and take her to Disneyland! heheehe! :) so come on little Hazel, don't you want to have fun with Mama and Papa? come on out already!!! :)

here are some pics of her nursey. is anyone else expecitng a little munchkin of their own??? :)
hugs to you all! xo

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