Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the womanly art of breastfeeding...

OK, so, here i am in Mommy Land! our little munchkin came out of my cookie and and into the world on March 22! :) so introducing our little munchkin, Baby Hazel! :)

these are the many faces and phases of breastfeeding. 
alert. eyes on the prize. giggles and a happy full tummy. thinking about her full tummy. and last but not least- milk coma. 

i know, i know, those who have ever breastfed before are probably thinking, "HA! where are the screaming-crying pics?" well, when little Hazel is crying and having a fit, i'm trying my hardest to get her to not cry and scream and my hands are full and i'm unable to snap a picture of her in this phase. but TRUST ME, i've experienced that face and phase, all too many times. 

 the title of this post is seriously, no joke- breastfeeding is an art and an art i have yet to master. but with the help of the the said book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, a La Leche League meeting and a meeting with a fabulous lactation educator... both Hazel and I are slowly starting to get the hang of it. as frustrating as breastfeeding can be, it's also very rewarding. after she has a full tummy, she looks at me and gives a little lazy smile and then knocks out in my arms, she's just such a little doll. :) 

sometimes i wonder if she knows that i'm her mommy or if i'm just the girl who gives her magical milk boobies for her food. i know she's only two weeks, but i wish i can know what she was thinking. i love holding her and giving her little kisses and seeing her smile. she'll be bigger before i know it and then i'll be sad and be wishing that she was a little newborn again. le' sigh. 

hope everyone is doing well, does anyone else have a new little munchkin? :)

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