Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer rain, me loves...

its raining, it's pouring, the little munchk is snoring...

i love summer rain, even better, summer night rain! the windows and doors are open with a nice breeze and the sound of rain drops are filling my ears. i'm not a person for the heat. the blasted sun is not my friend. maybe it' sbecause i think shorts can look a bit cheesy, maybe it's because i think i look strange with a tan, maybe it's because my hair gets all a frizz.... i'm sureic an think of a hundred other reasons, but lets jsut stop there.

Munchky is fast asleep and so i hopped on the compy. it' shard during the day to get anythign done really. little munchky is a handful, as she shoudl be, little one is not even four months old yet. babies need love and snuggles... and my munchk makes sure to remind me of the snuggle bit!

i sold a dress on etsy yesterday, yay! packages. it was only my third sale, but, eh! i'm determined to keep the shop up to date this time. the last time i had it open, i had 6 items up. two sold and then i never renewed the other items. now they are back up for sale. this may sound lame, but i like decorating the packages i send out. i used to have quite a few pen friends and i just loved decorating the envelopes- i thought it was the funnest part of writing a letter! :) did you guys ever keep a pen friend?

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