Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vegas in a Day

had a VERY busy weekend! a very unexpected weekend, but i'm so glad it happened! :) so, i called my nanny (not my grandmama) for her birthday. she was a live in housekeeper / babysitter and she helped raise me from birth. she is a big part of our family, since i never got to know my grandmother, she was kind of like a grandmother figure to me. we even called her "mama". needless to say, she holds a very special place in my heart. when i was about 16 or so, she moved to Vegas to be a little closer to some family she had. 

on friday i called her for her birthday and somehow... the next day, i had rallied two of my sissies to accompany me and the Munchk to drive to Vegas... on 4th of July weekend! ACK! i totally forgot about the holiday and to avoid any crazy holiday back to LA traffic, we drove to vegas and back in a day. all to visit my nanny for her birthday. it was a crazy busy and hot day (106 degrees!!) but it was SO worth it! we were all glad that we went. here are some weekend instas :)

Mama Belia and my Munchky :)

 Keebler Pia & Munchky Hazy, cousins at play! :)

Munchky found a new friend! Hazy will SO be Snow White for Halloween... for a few years... until she gets sick of it and refuses! :)

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