Monday, October 13, 2008

new place with a not so new adorable face... :)

alrighty, so- i've gone ahead and done it! i've moving out with my boyfriend william! eeeeeeeeee! i can't wait! i'[m so excited for the decoratin' bit, i t will be faboo galore! the apt is jsut right for us i think. it has a big open living room with a kitchen and counter separating the kitchen and living room.

it has a small little patio that i plan to decorate with hanging potted vines and little flowers allover! i want to hang up cute kitchen scenes from the 20'40's in teh kitchen. i already have a valentino one in mind where he's holding up some extra long spaghetti. i have a beatles one that william suggested and i want to type up buster keatons recipes that i have on one of my keaton books... i cant write too much at the moment, but will update with actual pics and all that sort maybe by this week. - theres so much to get done this week- it's insane! aaah! :)

ciao for now my lovlies!

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