Thursday, October 30, 2008

back from wisco...and newly engaged!

Alrighty! so, i came back from Wisconsin, which i've shorted down to wisco. :) it was ABSOLUTELY impossible to take a bad picturte of wisco scenery. you could pretty much close your eyes and snap a picture and it would turn out like it should be in national geographic or something. :)

<-- a cute little bridge in stoughton, wi * my fiance robby * me! doing a really bad job of blending in. (semi showing off my ring, hehehe) :)

i met the rest of robbys family and they were all SUPER nice. :) we had an engagement party the first ngiht that we had arrived...that's right. little juliet is engaged! (when did that happen?!!) little robby-kins asked me to marry him the weekend before we left to wisco. my whole family is excited, as am i! it may seem very old fashioned, but the idea of "belonging" to someone, i think is rather nice. :)

we came back on sunday and moved EVERYHTIGN form his apratment to our new aprtment (jsut down the street) i became afussy baby when my wrist started hurting after carrying seom weird shaped couch down a curvy flight of stairs, but we got thru it- thank goodness!

the apartment is in shambles for the moment, but teh other day i fixed everyhtign in teh kitchen to my liking, since i'll probably be the one cooking most of the time. everytime we say, "let's cook soemthgin together" - it's usually me cooking as he sits and watches me and chit-chats... which is ok with me. he fixed his desk and compy. i think i'll break down my desk today and take it over. i'm eager to start working on some new designs! :) i want to get my stuff in tehre too, 'cos, as of right now- i'm feeling like hte place is his entirely. it has all his stuff from the apartment in there and nothing of mine. i need some juliet things in there! soon enough though. :) i thikn we're going to buy a book case this weekend from ikea. i want to add soem cute colorful stuff- maybe soem kipart and hang up a pinting that my friend petey made for me.

well- there's a mini update as to what i've been up to.. for hte few that even actually read this... hehehe... cheers! :)

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