Monday, January 19, 2009

oh that goes in there... in where???

friday night i went to the Eygptian Theater in Hollywood. Cutie and i went to go see a Richard Dreyfuss movie called, "Inserts". the film was rather interesting. half nakey and full nakey ladies pretty much thru out the whole film with a few nakey boy bits tossed into the mix every now and then. there was also a very young Bob Hoskins (it ws his first film role). if you're into 20's porn- this is definitely a fetish cult classic... or if your into light strangulation... yum! (just kidding)...

the director and two of the supporting actors were there at the screening and did a q&a after the film. you can see some of the vids on the Dear Old Hollywood blog.

we took some pics outside of the theater. i went ahead and doodled me against the wall. one of my favorite terms that were taught to me in elementary school was the term "artistic license" -- heheh. :) so, if you've ever been to the eygptian theater, you might notice the wall isn't exactly accurate- but it think it's good enough to get the picture across. :)

outfit details- handpainted silk scarf- aLou original, red 3/4 sleeve turtleneck-express, black hoodie- express, dull charmeuse mushroom pleated dress with beaded lace bodice- vintage, electric blue tights, nordstrom


Anonymous said...

Glad you're on the scene! Come visit your boy at

Great blog, shygirl!

molly shoelace said...

i LOVE this drawing. weird that sean commented here too--i actually had no idea. it's a total coincidence. anyway, this drawing is perfect. in fact, your other drawings are too! i really really like this idea of drawings your posts. keep doing it!! you're onto something:)