Monday, January 5, 2009

new year = new posts!

Alrighty- i know i've been a bit crap on wrtiign blogs- what's wrong with me?? i'll tell you what's wrong with me... i'm a bit of a lzy littel bunny when it comes to gettin' on the compy for longer than 10 minutes.

but it's a new year and so all must be forgiven, correct? yes, i thought so. so what have i done in this oh so new year?? well, i have now taught myself how to play "twinkle twinkle", "ode to joy" and "mary had a little lamb" on my ukelele (thank you robby) which i can easily say was one of my fave x-mas gifts...considering that i've been wanting one for about 2 years... my fingers are now being contorted into all sorts of painful little notes and chords. i want to learn to play well and then i can sing with a high pitched voice and dance around at the same time.

i also finally took my overlock machine to ge tfixed, the tstrings were wrong- ehehhe... i never said i was a pro! the guys at MAYHALLS in la cresenta stringed it up for me for free. they're always very helpful there. if you need any help with your machine or are interested in buying a new one, i'd go there. they also offer beginner classes in sewing. so now, i can make soem knits.. will i? i hope so- might as well get soem use out of that little machine! i DID make soem curtains this weekend, forgot to take a picture of them. eh!

oh yes, i almost forgot to write about why i put up the vintage wedding dress pattern from VOGUE. last night i started sketching out some ideas for my dress. it will be heavily influenced by Robby's grandmothers dress. She got married in 1937 and the dress was to die for! i took a load of pics and started sketchin' around. (i'm not using the vogue pattern shown above) it was jsut to mention the wedding.. yes, yes, the better bloggin should be part of my new year rez. hope everyone had a great one! :)

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