Monday, March 16, 2009

little miss on alameda...

this is a little miss that i've been watching on my way to work for close to 2 years now. i don't know her name, adn all i can say- is that i hope she is well. she's not been at her bus stop on alameda for a complete week now. little miss... i do believe has gone missing!

i never see her asking for money- she's usually fixing her makeup, she wears very loud blur eyeshadow and loads of red smeared lipstick. i also see her checking her feet sometimes. she stares off aimlessly while i'm at the red light. i once saw her getting questioned by police, but she was calm- she stayed seated and looke dup like a little lost puppy.

i'm not sure if she may be a prossie when need be- but i have seen some suspicious behaviour between her and some men.

1st suspicious occasion- i saw a man sitting very close to her and was undoing his pants. she stayed looking at him and he smiled and put his hand out kinda like, "so- whatch'ya think" she looked down on her lap and seemed unammused. this man didn't look homeless, but didn't look in teh best shape either- definitely not a type of man i would think solicit sex form a woman on the broad daylight- but, well, one can never know.

2nd suspicious occasion- when i pass early, little miss is still sleeping. she either sleeps sitting up with a blanket over her head or on the floor bundled up in blankets. she was on the floor this time and a black man was sitting on teh bench beside her and he kinda slapped her bum and then shook it with a smile- he left his hand there and remained laughing with an open mouth it seemed like an "ooh yeah!" kind of vistory or something... of course- i have NO clue what was really going on- but that guy made me mad- i thought to myself, "leave her alone! she's only trying to get some sleep!".

3rd suspicious occasion- i had teh red light but ddint' see her at her stop- this time i saw her across the street talking to a business man watiign for the bus. at first he ignored her, buthten he got very close to her and began to talk. it seemed kind of likehe was talking, but not looking at her, as if he was trying to be sneaky. then the light turned green and i had to go. :(

4th suspicious occasion- little miss was sitting with a blanket over her head adn i saw someone elses feet sticking out of the blanket as if he were kneeling... not sure if anythign was really gogin on- but well...

i've taken a few pics of her but have never posted them, cos they make me feel sad for her. i wonder if she has any children or if her school friends ever think about her..."i wonder what little miss is doing now..." i've never seen her ask for money or be a distraction or acting crazy. i wonder somertimes about these peoples lives. i want to go talk to some of them, but am unsure what their reaction would be. little miss- i do hope you are well and that i see you again on alameda sometime soon!


Robby Cress said...

Nice drawing cutie. Hopefully the lady is alright. Perhaps she needed a change and found a new corner.

Juliet Cocker said...

here's hoping....


keeping my fingers crossed.