Monday, March 23, 2009

so i didn't swipe the post-its... but i did find a little mexican pixie.

ok- so i didn't get a chance to swipe some post-its from work (they do owe me ya' know!!!) but i did however manage to doodle out the friendly old man who made me giggle during my lunch break. :)
last tuesday i was really rather giddy- a faboo song that i was singin' along to in the car- a free venti white chocolate mocha at buckies, nice, funny smiling strangers- who wouldn't have a fabulous morning??? i also had some men walk past me while i was standing near the sugar table and randomly smile- i smiled back.
when i was leaving buckies i saw the funny man outside being waited on a chauffer type person by a all black tinted windowed car. he was with a sports guy- i think he was a football player, perhaps the old man was his papa. but he waved good bye and smiled at me, "see you later sweetheart, you have a good day sweetie." i smiled and waved back while sipping on my venti and the football player waved back and smiled too-- if only i knew football players names-- i'm sure i've seen him on tv though. too bad football isn't really my thing... eh!
i was very smiley at work too and one of my co-workers said, "you're just letting out all this great positive, welcoming energy". another co-worker said to, "cut the crap!"- but i couldn't!- so i bootie-bonked her and she laughed and spanked my tush with some rolled up copies before i ran away. hehehe- strangely the next day on wednesday i had the most slow, agonizing, sad day... for no reason at all... it was just such a sloOOoOOw and boring day, i felt like that depressing doggie cartoon named droopy. ech!
this sat i went to a drawing workshop. it was kind of nice- there was only 5 other people- and that was including the man who ran it and the model! so it was kind of nice that it was such a small class. the model that we had was
very tiny. like a little pixie. she spoke with an accent and commented on my scarf. it was a rainbow handweaved scarf i got in ecuador. only then did she start chit-chatting on where she came from- mexico, 11 years ago. so tha tmakes her a little mexican pixie. usually when i go to workshops, the models are usually a bit rubenesque- not fat, jsut a nice curvy normal. she was very thin though and could fit in my purse if i forced her- she was less than 5 foot i think. but she was really nice... but almost fell asleep on a 30 minute pose- hehehe. i'm terrible at drawing faces if i don't draw them from a picture or have more time... which explains the spooky faceless one in the middle. the one at the top i wasn't actually goign to draw so much- i was foccusing on her feet but then got bored so i move dup to her body... then tehre was no space for her face- oh well! i hadn't gone to a life drawing class in ages... i thikn i might go again- it' just down the street from my apt anyway- so cutie can drop and pick me up. :) kisses cutie and thank you for doing so last sat. :)
sunday we went to the los angeles heritage day museum- you can read more about that and have a look at some of the pics by going here ( i also make a cameo in the vid-ehehheh). toodles for now!

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