Friday, March 20, 2009

little miss update...

alrighty- so little miss was missing last week- yesterday i saw a little bundle and blue blankets sleeping in the corner- but hte blankets wren't hers- but i still kept hope... and hti smorning- she was back- sitting at her bus stop- i got excited so i grabbed thru my purse to find my camera- i always get red lights at this stop.. but of course today i had a green and as i snalpped a pic of her..well, i only got 1 half of her. she was back and with new clothes!!! well! i'm not sure where she disappeared off to- but where ever it was- it wa sa good place- cos she got new clothes and a new blanket--- glad that she is back.

yesterday i had a pretty marvelous monring... the spectaularness of it all somewhat wore out about mid afternoon, but it was still good. i went to starbucks and met and smiled at a whole lot of strangers. there was jsut good happy energy all around and it jsut made me so giddy- i actually skipped my little old way to the filing room- one co-worker said- "you're skipping- what's the matter with you?"

i'm about to swipe a new pack of post-it notes to quickly sketch out some of the yesterdays events. little moments that are still captured in my memory. :) tmrw or by monday hopefully we should have anew little comic like piccies up to illustrate my happy thursday. :) ..and i msut say soemthign about a co-worker who keeps feedin me-- she's doin' nothin' for mah' figyaw!!!

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Robby Cress said...

I can't wait to see your comic flip book style illustrations :)You should definitely put that up tomorrow.