Thursday, May 14, 2009

an awakening...

ok... it's somethgin very strange that has occured in teh past few days... little zins has had her eyes open, once again and is wondering "why aren't you doing more?". about a week has passed and there has been about three / four occasions that art/artists have come up.

1st- a friend invites me to an art show / music night- she's always getting local artists and has art charity events.. i had told her i coulnd't go, due to prior a engagement.

2nd- this week i find a long-lost friend online and see that she has gotten loads of great art up on her site- gorgeous pieces! recently having a show in london, being mentioned in the la times and selling portraits from 100- 3,000 dollars a piece!

3rd- a friend text me asking if i knew anyone who owned / ran any galeries, that he had a little over 40 paintings, finished and framed ready to show and he needed some leads. i sent him along to friend # 1.

4th- my fiance sends me an invite to an art showing/ movie release party of one of his old college friends for next week asking if i want to go- of course i want to go!

all four of these things happen in a little less than a week (2, 3 & 4 happened all within a day!) i tell me best friend about it and she starts to tell me about htis 13 year prodigiy painter who lives in sweden and how she was watching just in complete awe of this little girl. the girl is homeschooled and supports her entire family off these paintings. she works on her pieces for about 10-16 hours a day!!! she's 13! wow! the mother of the child said she used to try and get her to stop and to take a break- but then later jsut relaized that she is totally and completely focused and can not get out of the zone of her work.. which i think is so amazing!!! i can't help but say that i'm jealous, ehehehe!

why am i not doing more? my best friend said that we should accept the fact that we are just mediocre, ehhehe. which i don't completly believe to be entirely true. there are so many realms of art- how can i not be able to fit into at least one??? i need to get on it- and do more than what i do- a few doodles a month. i kind of take all these things as signs and that i have to take the next step and be more serious about my art. it is, afterall what i would ultimately love to do as a career. so one must work hard for a career, que no??? :)

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Robby Cress said...

You are a wonderful artist! You should start another art project this weekend :)I'm always amazed at your skill.