Sunday, May 24, 2009

a touch of clara bow...

no- not exactly the best picutres... but here is a fashion illustration that i did for school a few years back. i got an "A" for it. and i was pleased. :) i had got the inspiration for the hat from teh movie "IT", with Clara Bow. she wore a really cute little clouche hat with little leaves and cherries on it. during the film, the hat almost seems to be falling apart... the cherries begin to start hanging lower and lower and for some reason i thought it was really cute that it looked as though the hat was falling to pieces while filming. :)
a friend of mine had just given me the dvd for my birthday with a card saying that he thought i was the ultimate "IT" girl. this was back in the day when i'd go 60's and britpop dancing every weekend. i suppose the fact that i have a round little face and my hair was cut uber short with clara bow bangs at the time, might've added to his idea of me having "IT". i watched "IT" and it made me smile. :) so the next day in class, we were given absolute freedom to draw whatever style we pleased- the only requirement was that we use 2 of the techniques that were shown in class that the week before. all i really wanted to draw was a version of that hat- so i decided to draw out something delicate with a vintage feel. i drew out some simple draping and a bunch of mushroom pleating... and lets not forget the hat! :) i had originally drawn out the girl holding out a piece of her bow because i wanted her to be playfully dangling it infront of a kitten- but once i was done drawing the actual figure- i thought drawing a kitten standing on it's hind legs was me being a bit too ambitous, ehehehhe so the kitten was left out. :)
i actually quite like the dress that i drew for the hat though. :) if i were 6 feet tall and weighed about 40 pounds less... i would've loved this to have been my wedding dresss. fashion illustration is NOT one of my favorite methods of drawing, but i do think that it can be pretty to look at.


Robby Cress said...

That "A" was well deserved. It's a beautiful drawing. That would look nice framed!

Anonymous said...

whistles ... beeee-autiful!

SCOTT said...

You have something that many artists take years to achieve.


Its so unique and defining of yourself. Impressive. Rather appealing to the eyes. The colour is not overempowering which compliments your subtle figure drawing.

Juliet Cocker said...

robby, thank you cutie. ;)

kitty, *blush*

scott, many thanks to you for that lovely compliment. :)