Friday, May 1, 2009

quick ideas, but no time!

yes- i've been stricken with a case of the lazies--- and i ahven't posted anythign for a while- this weekend though i'm gogin over to my sissies to try to capture the few of the last preggy moments that she'll be having while baby benji is still in her tum-tums. :)
well- mission accomplised and i did infact swipe a pad of post-its and these are some qucik sketches.. usually done at a red light or when i arrive at work.
the top one i found the most amusing- it was a homeless man brushing his teeth while having a bit of fountain fun. :) i saw him drink from a bottle of water and slowly turn his head and spit out the water after he had rinsed. he was a little fountain for a bit. i htought it was kinda gross that he was completely spitting all over the street- but then again, at least he's keeping good hygene... ????? can't blame a guy for trying to keep his chompers!!! thhe area where he's usually foudn is HIGHLY industrial and i rarely see anyone walking onthese streets anyway- usually jsut people trying to get to work or big rigs driving through.
2nd row to the left- i thought was a little sad. :( you hear of homeless kids in teh us all the time - but rarely have i ever seen a homeless child in la. this little girl was sitting on top a little laundry push cart. the man behind her, i'm guessing is her pops- but who knows! she was patiently waiting while the man rummaged thru the trashcans looking for cans or bottles to recycle... poor little girl. she should be in school learnign to read, instead she'll be learning the way of the streets. :(
2nd row to the right- this was actually the same guy who was brushing his teeth on a different day. i tlooked likehe was throwing soem sort of bread, bagels or donuts... he was tryign to toss them into his little carry pusher. he had more than 1 piece of bread- i saw him toss around 3 pieces in the time span of my red light. he was carefully aiming... adn then tossing... he missed all of them.. eh! has to stay amused somehow i suppose....
3rd row to the left- hehehhe, this was jsut a little kitten i drew out for robby really quick as i sent him an eml. i told him he made me as happy as a little kitten with a new ball of yarn, hehehehhe. yes, i know i can be a sillyhead, eh!
3rd row to the right- this was actually the first little sketch that imade of the happy starbucks guy. when i came in from work- i didn't want to forget his expression- so i doddled him out really quick. i still remember his smilea nd his cheery attitude. he still makes me smile. :)
i'll make sure to post up the drawing of my sis as soon as i draw some...and as soon as i ge thte time to scan them in. :) ciao for nwo! back to work i go!!! :)

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