Saturday, July 11, 2009

i've been neglecting my bloggy...

... yes, as i always do and as i knew i would... but it's not on purpose, i assure you. i've been a bit busy and drained with wedding biz and getting creative without doing anything, if that makes any sense at all.

right now, i'm feeling all sorts of inspiration, coming from every which-way. inspiration is hitting me from one too many ways to be exact. i have started somedrawings, but i keep getting side tracked with new ideas to even finish off the ones that i've began! OoOoOooh woe is me!
here is an update on 2 of the projects i want to finish before starting on my 3rd, which is already planned out and it includes my best friend of 15 years, nicoletta. but for now, lets get started with below...

the 1st sektch was sketched out really quick on my lunch break. i normally don't like drawing at work, cos then i get distracted with people saying, "oh- what are you doing? you draw? how great- can i see your book?" i've drawn in public settings before, with the hope that people would leave me alone- but it never fails- people are curious creatures and if you are too close to them- they are bound to come up and ask questions- so i drew this in my car.

the 2nd sketch i drew out at home- i want to eventually leave this kind of unfinished actually. i want to leave pencil in there and have just some micron lining and fill some color in on her dress and lips.

the 3rd sketch was a quick sketch of my cutie that i worked on before i went to sleep. i want to draw him as dionysus and i was planning on drawing myself behind him as one of his faithful maenads. this was actually inspired by a painting i found at the pompei exhibit at lacma. it showed dionysus with a maenad but represented them almost appearing as if they were a married couple- which was a bit rare. i pointed it out to robby and he commented that he liked it and it was like us... i got really excited and explained that i thought the same thing and that i wanted to draw it out. :) i want to use really muted colors so it can look kind of old and scratchy as teh real painting that was found appears. i can't wait to put some color on it! this was just a practice sketch of him... i will have to try to draw me now, which i think will be a bit strange, as i think it's a bit scary to draw yourself.

today cutie and i went all over downtown la- this originally started out as wedding biz- but quickly turned into hunting down old film locations. which suited me just fine- cos the first stop was actually a building i had wanted to visit, the historical fine arts building. the interior was absolutely fabulous- better than the art that was displayed in my opinon- hehehe. :) we stopped at moca and i bought myself an eggling and a ring to replace my engagement ring as it's getting a custom band and so i have to part with it for 2 weeks (sniffle). we then grabbed some lunchy at the city market, which originally opened in the wee early 1900's. grabbed a tasty carne asada tortita for $3.50 and an icecream cone as dessert and more pics of down town la historical buildings.
in theses piccies robby is searching the streets trying to match up some spots from the film Kiss Me Deadly. i was trying to get a shot of my new glitter ring, but i cut my hand off right as the ring began! argh! 2nd pic is of me waiting for robby, he had run up the hill to do some investigatin' and i stayed down by the tunnel, shaking my hand so i can see the glitter sparkle in the sun.
i'm off now to hatch my eggling and to practice my ukey- which needs some love and attention, cos i've also been neglecting him. hopefully i can give a post soon on progress on the pieces above. ciao for now! :)

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Robby Cress said...

Great drawings. I can't wait to see what the finished piece looks like with you in it.

Thanks for going along with the film hunt!