Monday, August 17, 2009

47 days left...fhbeihvekrjgiwejki!!!

alrighty! here is teh adorable perfect little painting that my sissy igs made for my cutie and i for our wedding invites! the acutal will be our wedding present- eeeeee! we've already gotten several comment sback from guests saying that they love the card and i can't wait to see the thank you cards! she's making thsoe up for us too! :) (now it's time for the poor mans copyright- this painting was painted by Ingrid Moira Bermeo- NOBODY STEAL IT!!!!) if anyone wants info you can write me and will pass the msg along to her.. she really should put up an etsy shop soon. she has several paintings with the same cute characters- mind you- this was specifically painted for us, so the other characters do look slightly different-so this painting lookss more, well, like us! :)
talk about me and etsy shops! ha! here i amalways telling my sissy to put up an etsy shop- and iahve a milio things to sell- and well... i myself haven't found teh time to put my own one up! this weekend i was put on cleaning duty- ;oP but i have to clean up my mess i suppose. my little piles of clothes had traveled from the bedroom- to the living room and into my little desk area/ workspace. poor cutie was slowly getting a little anxious- but, before he can go completely nuts on me- i cleaned it up- ahehehehhe--- and found a bunch of things that i can put up on my etsy shop (once i make it...) i'm sure once all of this extra stuff is out of the house cutie little robby will be so much more at ease! heehehe... and the fact that i'll have some extra cash in my pocket- i'm sure that will make him feel even better! ahehhehe!
i took my dress in to get fit on saturday and i jsut can't wait to see it all done! eeeee! i'm SO excited! 47 more days unti lthe wedding! oh dear! i will then be a MRS! :) little miss Juliet Cress! :) have to get back to work- love you cutie!!!! xoxoxo :)

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Robby Cress said...

I love the artwork and how it turned out. It looks great :) And thanks for cleaning up - you keep me a sane little bunny.