Friday, February 26, 2010

crafty time! :)

well, i've been neglecting my bloggy again... of course... but well, thats nothing new, right? well, here's a little project i've been working on. my friend hollie had been working on some hair ribbons and the next day, complete by chance- i came across some a very intereseting pics of a super cute headband. me, being me, decided, "i can do that!" and to my surprise... i actually did! aheheehe! i think seeing hollie work on her stuff kind of inspired me to actually get off me bum and do something- so, even though you dno't read my blog- thank you hollie! :)

obviously, this isn't eactly the same that i saw on line- but it's a version of... one that i like very much- heehe. :) i had everything around the house, so there was no money wasted- which was also good for me- as i'm on somewhat of a budge and am trying to use what i have at home before buying anything else for my crafts. the little danglies and the detail on the little discs are actually all fresh water pearls that i had left over from a beading class that my wallet got very enthusiastic for a couple of years ago... ehehhee.

tonight or tmrw morning i will finish the headband- what i have up on the pic is only the little discs pinned to teh velevet and lace band that i made. i still need to sew them on. beading sounds very granny, but it was actually pretty fun beading the little pearl pattern onto the discs. :) i already have some more ideas for some more head pieces- who knew i'd spend my time making hair pieces! bah! ehehhehe. this weekend too- i might.. juuuuuuuuust might actaully start on my dress for wisco. i want to wear the headpiece with a nice, simple lace dress- it will be summer, so i think it will be appropriate. :)

yippee! :)


Cynthia said...

Hey , we will have to swap out some things- I'll give you some Dead Mermaids for some of your fab headband pieces!

Robby Cress said...

The headband turned out great! It looks very 1920s flapperish. Great job!

H. Perry said...

I do read your blog Zinny... And Rob's too ~ Gasp! ;)