Monday, March 8, 2010

little hazel- part 1

alrighty- here is another project that i've gotten very enthused about. little hazel isn't finished yet, but she is well on her way. first little hazel is in pieces. this is my first attempt at making a doll- and well, i think she was also a bit enthused to get some fake bake going on and she got a bit crispy in the oven... a bit too crispy. lucky for her- i have a small little set of acrylics... and i can paint her back to one color. :) hehehe... hey, it's my first time! :) the bust that is also baking beside hazel was made by my friend hollie.
i'm excited to paint her though little miss hazel. i also want to make her some clothes. maybe a few outfits... :) not sure what i'll do about her hair, but i'll worry about that later. that will be her final little touch. :)
the only thin that i have a problem with- is, that my little brain seems to be a bit mixed up. it seems that i just want to do too many things- all at the same time. this problem seems to plague me and my best friend cynthia. what we need is to just stay home and just draw, work on crafts, and make clothes. i'd also like to cook for my cutie- i like cooking, but only seem to cook real meals on the weekend. sigh- so much to do and such little time to do it in! i dont' dig it when time passes so fast and it doesn't give me enough time to do what i like- hmph. argh.
oh well- i'm not holding my breath, but here's looking forward to the day that i can work from home! :)


Cynthia said...

I just had the same complaint on my blog about all these swirling ideas and having to jump back and forth to things-pzzzt! Cosmic connection!
I want to see Miss Hazel all done up! Can't wait to see : ) said...

i'm excited to see what happens with hazel!