Saturday, July 24, 2010

ginger is on the prowl... sketchbook here i come!

this weekend is a bit strange- i wanted to get some stuff done- but am busy.. ehm... not with anything really. well- other than doggie-sitting- let me introduce to you Ginger. she is a bit of a pampered pup. she gets groomed once a week- has special snacks and when you take her for a walk- if she doesn't like the route you've chosen... she WILL NOT walk- but she has the MOST adorable sad eyes in the world- you just kind of give in to whatever she wants... she ends up picking the route, she is the master... and i end up picking up her doo. this is what doggie lovers do (or dog walkers).

other than doggie sitting- i'm going to pick up my parents from the airport- and am meeting with my best friend trmw- feels like i haven't seen her in ages, can't wait to chat adn catch up with everything.

i need to fully immerse myself in something creative that i love. out of sewing, drawing, crafts, out of all the three- i love drawing the most. i will take pictures as i finish them. this week for sure i have to finish the little girl that i started ages ago. a friend of mine said he really likes my stuff and that he would screen print one of my drawings for me in his class. so i really want to finish her up. i'm not sure why- but i just really like the drawing. i'm atchd to this little girl for some reason. i like both versions of it. i like the actual quick sketch and the real one that i started (but have not finished). i will post it up as soon as i'm done. needs to be finished by wednesday for his class on thursday.

as i've said so many times before- i want to do so much- its hard for me to stop, sit and actually finish one thing. is there a phone app out there that will hold you accountable for finsihing all the things you say you're going to do???

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