Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mmmMMMM.. num-nums! :)

well, my little berries are certainly on their way... and i've proved myself to be a little farmette! :) everytime i see some new ripe strawberries, i want to take more pics and share them.. but well- how exciting can strawberries really be.... (well i think tehy are.. but whateva!) but here was teh firs tlittle meal i made for Cutie and i. toast with nutella, peanut butter and my sweet little berries... :) the berries look like heart- cutey num-nums! :)
and below are some yummies cupcakes that i made! my first time making them- they were easy and yummy! i made close to 4 dozen for a potluck at work- everyone gobbled them up.. so now i'm a farmette and a baker! :) i made all chocolate and some strawberry cakey with cheesecake frosting... and just a dash of sprinkles will do ya'! :) all this food talk is making me wish i still had some cupcakies... OooOOh- woe is me for this foodie! :) toodles noodles!!! :)

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