Tuesday, July 20, 2010

little zins back...

i've been missing- but not without good cause. i went for a little vaycay with the hubs to wisconisn to have a 2nd reception for all of his family and friends who couldn't make it out to california for the first one. my parents, two of my sissies and one boyfriend were able to make it out. :) i think the 3 pics above are probably my fave series of pics from the trip so far. :) the trip was nice and relaxing... i felt like i got married all over again... which gave me that bride giddiness all over again- hehehehe. :)
my vacation relaxation bride bliss was soon squashed when i came back to la by a little thing i call "work". le' sigh- oh well, that's life i suppose this was just a quick update- i'm going to try and get caught up on a bit of stuff this week and hopefully will be posting a bit more regularly this weekend... hopefully. i've also been cooking a bit- so i will also be posting some yummies soon... hehhehehe. how domesticated i've become.... :)

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Robby Cress said...

I really the candid pick with the balloons. It's like we are going to float away with them.