Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pencil and mc.paint fiddles...

this is what little zins is feeling like this week... why? i'd rather not say. it's defintiely not home or married life though... aRRrRgh- grumble, grumble, grrRrrRr...


Saturday, July 24, 2010

ginger is on the prowl... sketchbook here i come!

this weekend is a bit strange- i wanted to get some stuff done- but am busy.. ehm... not with anything really. well- other than doggie-sitting- let me introduce to you Ginger. she is a bit of a pampered pup. she gets groomed once a week- has special snacks and when you take her for a walk- if she doesn't like the route you've chosen... she WILL NOT walk- but she has the MOST adorable sad eyes in the world- you just kind of give in to whatever she wants... she ends up picking the route, she is the master... and i end up picking up her doo. this is what doggie lovers do (or dog walkers).

other than doggie sitting- i'm going to pick up my parents from the airport- and am meeting with my best friend trmw- feels like i haven't seen her in ages, can't wait to chat adn catch up with everything.

i need to fully immerse myself in something creative that i love. out of sewing, drawing, crafts, out of all the three- i love drawing the most. i will take pictures as i finish them. this week for sure i have to finish the little girl that i started ages ago. a friend of mine said he really likes my stuff and that he would screen print one of my drawings for me in his class. so i really want to finish her up. i'm not sure why- but i just really like the drawing. i'm atchd to this little girl for some reason. i like both versions of it. i like the actual quick sketch and the real one that i started (but have not finished). i will post it up as soon as i'm done. needs to be finished by wednesday for his class on thursday.

as i've said so many times before- i want to do so much- its hard for me to stop, sit and actually finish one thing. is there a phone app out there that will hold you accountable for finsihing all the things you say you're going to do???

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mmmMMMM.. num-nums! :)

well, my little berries are certainly on their way... and i've proved myself to be a little farmette! :) everytime i see some new ripe strawberries, i want to take more pics and share them.. but well- how exciting can strawberries really be.... (well i think tehy are.. but whateva!) but here was teh firs tlittle meal i made for Cutie and i. toast with nutella, peanut butter and my sweet little berries... :) the berries look like heart- cutey num-nums! :)
and below are some yummies cupcakes that i made! my first time making them- they were easy and yummy! i made close to 4 dozen for a potluck at work- everyone gobbled them up.. so now i'm a farmette and a baker! :) i made all chocolate and some strawberry cakey with cheesecake frosting... and just a dash of sprinkles will do ya'! :) all this food talk is making me wish i still had some cupcakies... OooOOh- woe is me for this foodie! :) toodles noodles!!! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

little zins back...

i've been missing- but not without good cause. i went for a little vaycay with the hubs to wisconisn to have a 2nd reception for all of his family and friends who couldn't make it out to california for the first one. my parents, two of my sissies and one boyfriend were able to make it out. :) i think the 3 pics above are probably my fave series of pics from the trip so far. :) the trip was nice and relaxing... i felt like i got married all over again... which gave me that bride giddiness all over again- hehehehe. :)
my vacation relaxation bride bliss was soon squashed when i came back to la by a little thing i call "work". le' sigh- oh well, that's life i suppose this was just a quick update- i'm going to try and get caught up on a bit of stuff this week and hopefully will be posting a bit more regularly this weekend... hopefully. i've also been cooking a bit- so i will also be posting some yummies soon... hehhehehe. how domesticated i've become.... :)