Tuesday, January 19, 2010

put on hold, intructional books and peru! :)

today at work- it was a bit kooky- but tmrw is wednesday- that means it's almost friday and that means the weekend is here! yahoo! :)
today during my lunchy, i did some investigatin' for car insurance. with calling- of course, comes waiting and horrible "hold" tunes. after a while, i started making up my own song to the tunes. i decided to silly doodle while i waited- after about 15 minutes, i got all my info and was ready to hurry back to work.
after work i drove to barnes and noble. i got a really cute crochet book fro christmas- to make these super cute little dollies- but ehm... i'm a total little dink when it comes to crocheting anything more complicated than a single chain. after going thru the book, i was disappointed to find out that you can't make a cute little elephant out of one long stringy chain! so i went to find a very easy "how to " book. i considered gettign kniting and crocheting for idiots guide- then i even considered buying a childrens how to book- which looked pretty idiot proof, but i felt i didn't need to go that low in the brains scale.... (i'm hoping i won't have to go back! ) heheh. :) i'm excited to learn though. :) what wonderful little gifts those would make! :)
this weekend i also want to start my weddign dress for my 2nd reception. this weekend i wll be crocheting and doing soem draping for my dress. i'm so excited- we'll be going to wisco in the summer. i want ot wear my little handmade brown italian sandals, the lace dress i'm planningon making and a little crown of strung together flowers- preferebaly purple or white.. little miniature daisies perhaps? :) YAY!
i also found out that i will be a bridesmaids at my brothers wedding early next year... IN PERU!!! yowza! time to save up some dough- i want to visit macho picchu while there. :)


Naddy Sane said...

OOhhh sounds fun :)

nad xx


Cynthia said...

You mean Machu Picchu? Not Macho...hehehe. It's funny I was just googling hiking tours to machu Picchu, for info because I plan to go someday soon actually : ) I sent Scott a text last week telling him our next trip was there!